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“D.J.” Is Stumped During A Pest Investigation

Termite Terry as “Columbo”

If you’ve ever been in a house or building with a dead rat in the wall, you know how bad it smells. Just recently, we got a call about an office with exactly that problem. Their property manager had already had his pest guy come out a day or two earlier, but he could not find where the problem was located. One of the building’s tenants had previously worked with “D.J.” (David Salamin, our star pest control specialist) and he asked for the property manager to call him for help.

“D.J.” went out there and spent over two hours looking for this rat. Unfortunately, he was stumped and couldn’t find it. That is when “D.J.” called me for help. I had never seen this place, so I couldn’t give an exact answer on where to look. Instead, I reminded him of some of the basics and suggested he look in other areas.

He went back to investigating these new areas on the interior that I suggested. As he searched around the inside of the office, he started noticing that the smell was starting to get stronger. He followed the scent with his nose until he tracked it down to the boss’s desk. He looked around the desk and couldn’t see a dead rat anywhere. He kept looking and then, he found where the smell was coming from; It was coming from a can of dog food, which was slightly cracked open and sitting right behind the boss’s phone!

In hind sight, this story is actually hilarious! Can you imagine sitting at your desk for several days and not notice that “smelly” can of dog food??  Why would that can of dog food smell like a dead rat? Well, that’s pretty simple because the dog food is basically ground up animal flesh of one type or another.

The good news is that “D.J.” was able to figure it out. He has turned out to be a pretty good investigator. Now that I think of it, maybe I should loan him my “Columbo” trench coat and buy him a cigar!

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