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Asian Giant Hornets Have Invaded The U.S.

A small number of Asian giant hornets have been spotted in the Pacific Northwest, and scientist are now on a full-scale hunt to track them down. Officials fear that if these hornets become established in the U.S., they will have negative impacts on the environment, economy, and public health.

Asian giant hornets are the world’s largest species of hornet and they are about the size of a matchbox (2 inches long). This is also one of the most venomous insects in the world and with its ¼ inch long stinger, it can sting a victim repeatedly. These hornets are murderers. In Japan, they report about 40-50 deaths per year. Many more deaths are reported in other Asian countries.

These animals are intensely predatory and will chew up large insects with their powerful teeth. While they will eat a variety of large insects, they have a preference for honeybees. This can be a major problem because it only takes twenty of these hornets between one and six hours to completely destroy a single bee colony. One such case may have recently occurred in Washington state, where all that was left of the hive were thousands of heads from decapitated bees.

Asian giant hornets live in much of Asia. No one is sure how they arrived in the Pacific Northwest. Some believe they may have come in with shipments of cargo from Asia. Others believe that they may have been brought in on purpose to provide the ingredients for “hornet juice”. Yes, some athletes believe that hornet juice is a performance enhancing supplement, and there are Olympic record holders who swear by it.

If you really are serious about your athletic performance, may I suggest you go online and place an order. Please, let someone overseas make this product and provide it for you. By doing so, you could possibly save a lot of lives and help to protect our bees.