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Don’t Forget To Read The Fine Print!

Not too long ago, a concrete contractor named Bob gave a bid to install a new driveway on a home. The homeowner thought Bob’s quote of $7,800 to do the job was reasonable. But, the homeowner felt that he should get another bid. He called around and found someone else to bid the job. The second bid came in at $5,800.

The homeowner really liked Bob, so he called him back and asked if he could match the second bid at $5,800. Bob said that there was no way he could bring his price down that far. The homeowner decided to hire the “low bid guy”.

The “low bid guy” took out the old driveway, got everything ready so they could start pouring the cement and the homeowner was very happy. But, his smile went away when the concrete truck showed up and the driver said he would need to be paid. Next, the “concrete pump guy” showed up and he said he would need to be paid, too. The homeowner was really upset by these last minute charges. He got out his contract and re-read it. While looking closely at the bottom of the page, he saw where it said in fine print, “The cost of cement and concrete pumping are not included.”

Later that day, the homeowner decided to call Bob and he asked, “When you gave me your bid, did that include the cost of cement and the concrete pump service?”  Bob answered, “Of course, our bid included everything.” At that point, the homeowner’s heart sank. With the additional costs of the cement and concrete pumping service, he had just spent a total of $8,400! That was $600 more than Bob’s bid!

Ladies and gentlemen, when we give you a bid for our services, you’ll see that we go into a lot of detail so you’ll always know what you’re paying for. If you want to compare our prices to someone else’s, that’s alright. But, do yourself a favor and make sure they put all of their details in writing. Lastly, don’t forget to read their fine print.