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No, I’m Not Crying Wolf!

    Over the years, you’ve heard me carry on about how important it is to have termite fumigations performed the right way. And, you’ve heard me talk about how so many fumigators are cutting corners, using worn out equipment and of course, not putting in enough gas to kill the termites. Despite what I’ve said, there are some that think I’m just “crying wolf” and they don’t believe there is a problem in the fumigation business.

    Recently, I attended a meeting for fumigators and even I was shocked to hear what they had to say. We learned that a fumigation company in our area was raided by officials and they discovered the records of over 700 fumigations which were not reported to our State officials as required. Now, that may not seem like such a crime until you ask yourself why these fumigations were not reported.

    Please excuse my dramatic analogy, “But, if you were going to rob a bank, would you call the police and tell them when and where you’re going to perform the robbery?” In other words, if you are cutting corners, you are using worn out/defective equipment and you are using little if any gas when you fumigate, you probably wouldn’t want to report your work to our officials, either.

   Just last week, I personally stopped and photographed such a fumigation. The fumigators  who did that job made absolutely no effort to seal up the tent. Their equipment was worn out and if any gas was used at all, I sure couldn’t tell. Their tent was flopping in the breeze like a flag and I was able to stick my head in and look around! The sad thing is that customer got completely ripped off and all of his money was completely wasted!

    At Termite Terry Pest Control, you always know that your job will be done right and with plenty of gas. How else could we say, “We’ll get rid of all your termites or your treatment is FREE! You know that if we did work like those other guys and had to give everyone’s money back, we would have been out of business a long time ago!