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Proof that “Termite” Terry Pest Control is 3 Times Better Than The Competition

Recently, our star pest control specialist, D.J. Salamin, was asked to trap mice at a local condo association. Now, before you look at the attached photo, please consider that there is a lot more to rodent trapping than most people would ever imagine. Believe it or not, many pest control technicians are lucky if they catch anything, at all. Because D.J. has done his homework and works hard at developing his technique, he has really gotten good at trapping rodents. Take a look at this unbelievable photo – this is like getting “three holes in one” on the same day! (Warning! If you’re a bit squeamish, you may not want to see this.)

Have a problem with mice or rats? Call “Termite” Terry Pest Control. As you’ve seen for yourself, we really are 3 Times Better Than The Competition! (949) 631-7348 or click on order form .