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Altriset low-toxic termiticideA new, low-toxic product for treating termites has just been approved for use in California. That’s right! You now have an alternative treatment product that is not only much safer to use, it is also highly effective, long lasting and has the research results to prove it.

The name of this new product is Altriset and you’re going to be hearing about more and more homeowners using it to treat termites in the coming years.

Is This New Product Really Safer To Use?

That is a good question because in today’s world, most people are very concerned about providing a safe environment for their family and pets. How can you tell how safe a product is to use? Probably the best way is to read the manufacturer’s label which is attached on the side of the bottle.

Most pest control products will have a signal word that says: DANGER/POISON, WARNING or CAUTION. Those signal words are on the bottle so you will know how toxic the product is. The most toxic products will say DANGER/POISON and the least toxic products will say CAUTION.

What Does It Say On The Label Of This New Product?

This may surprise you, but this new product does not need to have a signal word because it is the first termite treatment product to be classified by the EPA as “Low Risk”.

Take a look at the label where you would normally see the words DANGER/POISON, WARNING or CAUTION and you will only see the following statement:

“When used as directed this product does not present a hazard to humans or domestic animals.”

Just think about what you just read for a minute. Folks, that is an unbelievable statement because you can’t even drink a cup of coffee without risking potential side effects!

Still not sure about this new product and you want to know more about its safety? Then, take a look at the section on the product label where it talks about first aid measures:

  • If you get it on your skin: “The material is not likely to be hazardous by skin contact, but cleansing the skin after use is advisable.”
  • If you get in your eyes: “No specific intervention is indicated as the compound is not likely to be hazardous. Consult a physician if necessary.”
  • If you inhale it: “No specific intervention is indicated as the compound is not likely to be hazardous. Consult a physician if necessary.”
  • If you ingest it: “No specific intervention is indicated as the compound is not likely to be hazardous. Consult a physician if necessary.”

What you just read about these first aid measures is unbelievable and I know of no other termite treatment product that even comes close to this level of safety.

A Product Inspired By Nature

Altriset’s chemistry is based on a naturally occurring compound found in the bark of a South American plant. It works by paralyzing the mouths of termites within hours of exposure, stopping further damage immediately. It also increases termite’s natural social behavior. Through increased aggregation and grooming behavior, they expose other colony members to the product.

Altriset will control drywood and subterranean termite populations in three months or less when properly applied. And, areas treated with this product will be protected for years because it is long-lasting.

The Answer You’ve Been Waiting For

For years, homeowners have been looking for a green solution for their termite problems. These people do not want traditional pesticides used on their home and until the introduction of Altriset termiticide, there hasn’t been an effective green answer for their problem.

Will Altriset Work On Your Home?

If you have a problem with subterranean termites and don’t want to use a traditional pesticide, using Altriset is a “no brainer”. Altriset has been thoroughly tested by the USDAForest Service and it has demonstrated excellent performance for nine consecutive years. In Mississippi, the most difficult site for a termiticide, Altriset has achieved 100% control for nine straight years.

Subterranean termite treatments with Altriset are done by injecting this product around and under the foundation of your home. For maximum protection, they recommend that you treat all the way around your home’s foundation, inside of the garage and any other areas where you find termite activity.

No move-out is required for subterranean termite treatments and you’ll be happy to learn that there is no extra charge for using Altriset. Our full perimeter subterranean termite treatments also include a one year, moneyback guarantee!

Need A Spot Treatment For Drywood Termites?

If you need a spot treatment for drywood termites and you don’t want to use a traditional pesticide, then Altriset may be the perfect choice.

Local/spot treatments are performed by drilling and injecting Altriset directly into infested wood members. No move-out is required for localized treatments. Not only will the product eliminate termites in these areas, it will also provide long-lasting protection. You’ll also be happy to learn that this lowtoxic product is virtually odor free!

Not all homes need to be fumigated for drywood termites. To find out if your home qualifies for a local treatment with Altriset, you should always start by having your home thoroughly inspected. If the areas of concern are accessible for inspection and treatment, a local treatment with Altriset may be all you need. Fumigations are recommended for homes with widespread infestations and/or where you have termites extending into inaccessible areas.

Have A Termite Problem And Want To Know More About Altriset?

Call our office at (949) 631-7348 and we’ll be happy to schedule an appointment at your convenience. Your home will be thoroughly inspected, you’ll find what options are available and you’ll learn a lot of valuable information.