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No Longer Do You Have To Settle For 15 Minute “Quickie” Inspections And Lazy Guys Who Won’t Inspect Attics Or Crawl Spaces

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  2. Thorough Termite Inspections! There are many areas in a home where termites and other problems can exist and the only way to find all of them is by doing a thorough termite inspection. That’s why we take our time, doing inspections the right way and why you’ll see us crawling through attics and crawl spaces where the other guys don’t.
  3. Are You Buying A Home? Don’t even think about buying any property until you’ve had “Termite” Terry inspect it, FIRST! You can’t afford to become the next victim of today’s turbulent real estate market!
  4. Are You Selling A Home? Learn how to avoid common mistakes made by home sellers and learn how you can potentially save yourself thousands of dollars!
  5. Are You Painting Or Re-Roofing Your Home? The last thing you need is to pay thousands of dollars for someone to paint over rotten or termite damaged wood and have all the paint fall off a few months later. And, don’t make the mistake of putting a new roof on top of damaged wood or having fumigators walk on your brand new roof and breaking your tiles. Call “Termite” Terry for an inspection, FIRST!
  6. Not Sure If Your Home Really Needs To Be Fumigated? With so many termite companies making so many wild claims, many homeowners have no idea of who to believe. That’s why “Termite” Terry really believes in customer education. Call “Termite” Terry, order a thorough termite inspection and with what you’ll learn, you’ll be able to make an educated decision on what’s best for you!
  7. Have Subterranean Termite Problems And Don’t Know How To Get Rid Of Them? Subterranean termites are the most destructive pest and solving their problems is not easy. That’s why you need to call “Termite” Terry for a thorough termite inspection. His investigators will probe and find the answers you need so that you’ll know exactly what needs to be done to solve your problem!

We offer the most complete and thorough termite inspections in Orange County so that you’ll know exactly where you stand and what you’ll need to solve your problem.
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Another Rave Review From A Satisfied Orange County Homeowner!

“We want to thank you for the termite treatment you did recently. We live in a town home, which makes termite treatment a challenge. A few years ago, we had a bad experience when our association decided to tent. The company was chosen for us and the guarantees were not honored, which made us hesitant to treat again.

You company representative, Joe Johnston, was inspecting our neighbor’s home when I asked him about your service. He answered all my questions, with a smile and I immediately asked for his card. We spoke to our neighbors and they were pleased with the work that was done on their place. We set up an appointment and could not believe the attention to detail that Joe put into his inspection. We were sold!

Your termite technicians, Jose and Saul, did a very thorough job and were careful about every detail. They were very vigilant about cleaning up when they were finished. We are completely satisfied with the work and your service. We have already recommended your service to friends and neighbors. Thanks for a great job!”

Peter and Gigi Bouffard
Orange County, Calif.

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Termite Inspection FAQs

Q. If I’m buying a house, when do I order a pest inspection?
A. You want to order a pest inspection as soon as you make an offer on the property.

Q. Is a termite inspection necessary when buying a new home?
A. Yes, because the new wood used to build the new home may have already been infested with termites when it came from the lumber yard. Also, some home building projects take months to complete and these homes may be completely infested with termites before they are even finished.

Q. Should attics be inspected during termite inspections?
A. It is very important to inspect attics. Attics usually have open framing, are well ventilated and it is very common to find termites in these areas.

Q. Can home buyers order termite inspections?
A. Yes. We highly recommend that home buyers order termite inspections and they should insist that the inspector will work with the buyers’ best interest in mind. When you sign the offer sheet, there is a location on it where you can specify the termite inspector you wish to do the inspection.

Q. Can you sell a home that won’t pass a termite inspection?
A. If the buyers are paying cash for the property, there is no state law that requires termite inspections. However, most lending institutions do require that all termite problems, wood rot and wood damage be corrected before they will offer financing. Sellers are usually responsible for correcting these problems, but in some cases, home buyers may agree to pay for all termite corrective work.

Q. How often should termite inspections be performed on condominiums?
A. Condominiums should have termite inspections performed annually.

Q. What is the cost of termite control?
A. The cost of termite control is determined by where the infestations are located and the number of locations that need treatment. You also need to factor in how easily these areas are to access and will wall coverings, flooring, roofing materials and etc., need to be removed to provide access for these termite treatments. The various termite treatment methods will greatly vary in price due to time and materials needed to perform these tasks. The only way that treatment cost can truly be determined is to have a thorough termite inspection performed so that you’ll know exactly what you’re dealing with.

Q. What is the cost of termite treatment and termite inspections in Orange County?
A. Termite Terry Pest Control offers free termite inspections to qualified homeowners in Orange County. There is a nominal charge for homes that need termite inspections for escrow purposes. The cost of termite treatment can’t really be determined until you’ve had a thorough termite inspection performed on your home. Small termite problems may only cost a few hundred dollars to correct. Homes with major termite infestations will cost more, of course. The type of construction and size of the home is also a major factor in determining price.

Q. How old does a home need to be before I order a termite inspection?
A. We highly recommend that all homes, regardless of age, be inspected annually.

Q. Do I need to order a termite inspection on a foreclosed condo?
A. Absolutely! Many of these foreclosed properties have been seriously neglected and you can not afford to take a chance on buying one of these properties that has major termite, dryrot and wood damage problems.

Q. Do you need to order termite inspections on condos and townhomes?
A. It is very important to do regular termite inspections on condos and townhomes because they are connected to other homes of which you have no control over. Please remember that the other units, which are attached to your condo or townhome, may be completely infested with termites. What that means to you is that you may have to spend thousands of dollars of your money trying to solve problems caused by your neighbor’s homes.

Q. Can I get a free termite inspection in Orange County?
A. Termite Terry Pest Control offers free termite inspections to qualified homeowners in Orange County. And, there is only a nominal charge for homes that need termite inspections for escrow purposes.

Q. How much does a pest inspection cost when buying a house?
A. Most pest inspections are $100 – $150, depending on the type of pest inspection report needed and the size of the house.

Q. Is a termite inspection mandatory before a house is sold?
A. Termite inspections are not mandated by State laws and if you’re paying cash for the house, they may not be needed at all. The banks and lending institutions are the ones that usually require termite inspections because they don’t want to finance homes that have major termite, dryrot or wood damage problems. You also need to remember that many home buyers will not purchase a home unless they know that all termite infestations, dryrot and wood damage have been corrected.

Q. Do mobile homes need termite inspections?
A. You should always have mobile homes inspected annually. They are almost always made of wood and are very prone to termite infestations, as well as wood rot problems.

Q. Does Orange County have a law that requires termite inspections when buying or selling a home?
A. Orange County has no laws that require termite inspections on real estate transactions. The banks and lending institutions are the ones that require termite inspections because they want to know that the home is termite free before they will finance it. In other words, if you’re paying cash for the property, termite inspections are not required.

Q. Does roofing need to pass inspection in order to obtain a termite clearance?
A. Roofing repairs are sometimes needed before a termite clearance can be issued. The reason why is because roof leaks often cause dryrot damage and excessive moisture from these leaks is like a magnet that attracts termites. Please note that even if dryrot damaged wood is replaced and all termite infestations are eradicated, if the roof continues to leak, these problems will probably re-occur.

Q. Should I ask for a second opinion on a termite inspection?
A. Unless you know and trust the termite inspector who performed the inspection, it is a very good idea to get a second opinion before going ahead with any project. Unfortunately, many termite inspections are very poorly done and many owners later wind up discovering huge problems that weren’t reported. If you are going to get a second opinion, you need to carefully select the right person. You need to be sure to find an experienced inspector that will do a thorough inspection and you need to make sure that their company stands behind their work. Finding a good termite inspector is not easy and that is why we strongly recommend that you ask for referrals and letters of recommendation from third parties.

Q. Should you order a termite inspection before you sell your home?
A. You should always have a termite inspection done on your home before you sell or market it. Don’t ever put your home on the market until you know exactly what shape your home is in. The last thing you need is for a good potential buyer to discover that there are termite problems and then walk away from buying your home. You need to order a thorough inspection before you market the home and if you do find problems that need correcting, have them taken care of by a reputable firm. Always keep good records of any termite inspection reports or repairs and make sure that you provide copies of all of these documents to any potential buyer of your home.

Q. Should you demand to see copies of all termite inspection reports before you buy a home in California?
A. We strongly suggest that you protect yourself and always insist on seeing copies of all inspection reports before buying any home. In California, termite inspection reports are considered public record and must be kept on file for a minimum of three years. You may obtain copies of these inspection reports by contacting the termite companies that did inspections or work on your home. Or, you may contact the Structural Pest Control Board of California and copies of all reports will be provided at no cost to you.

Q. Should I order a termite inspection before I list my house?
A. Always order a termite inspection before you list your home. Don’t let yourself be surprised with termite problems, dryrot damage and wood repair cost after you have already accepted an offer on your home. You need to be aware of these issues before you list the home so that you’ll know how to deal with these additional problems and expenses before any offers are made.

Q. What are termite inspection costs in Orange County?
A. Termite Terry Pest Control offers free termite inspections to qualified homeowners in Orange County. And, there is only a nominal charge for homes that need termite inspections for escrow purposes.

Q. Who needs to receive copies of termite inspection reports when purchasing a home?
A. You should always provide copies of inspection reports to the owners and buyers of a property. Realtors, escrow officers and lenders will also need to obtain copies, as well. All termite inspection reports in California are filed with the State and are considered to be on public record.

Q. Should I order a termite inspection before I purchase a home in Orange County?
A. Always order a termite inspection before you buy any home. You have got to know what condition the home is in before you make any buying decisions or you may wind up purchasing a ‚”real lemon” of a home.

Q. Should I request a termite inspection of inaccessible areas in a home?
A. California regulations require that all inaccessible areas of a home be noted on termite inspection reports and that they be made accessible for further inspection, if needed. Some areas of a home, such as interior walls covered with drywall, are considered inaccessible for inspection and further inspection of these areas would be impractical to do so. However, if conditions or problems exist that warrant further inspection, these areas must be made accessible and a supplemental inspection report must be filed, including findings, recommendations and additional cost (if any). Please note that inaccessible areas are not considered to be a Section 2 item. Section 2 items are conditions that may lead to infestation and/or infection in the future. Further inspection items are items that really do need to be inspected further and should not be ignored. Buyers must be on the lookout and carefully scrutinize any report that considers a further inspection item to be called a Section 2 finding.

Q. Are termite inspections supposed to report dryrot and fungus damage?
A. Although many people call them termite inspections, they are actually named “Wood Destroying Organism Inspection Reports”. Wood destroying organism reports should include findings of drywood termites, subterranean termites, wood destroying beetles, carpenter bees, carpenter ants, fungus, as well as any other pests that cause wood damage. These reports should also note conditions that may lead to future problems, such as excessive moisture, earth to wood contacts, faulty grade levels, etc. And, last but not least, areas not accessible for inspection must be noted and if needed, recommendations to make these areas accessible for further inspection must be made.

Q. Should potential home buyers be notified or warned if termite inspections reveal problems?
A. California has very stringent disclosure laws and potential home buyers must be informed of any problems found during termite inspections. Copies of all termite inspection reports performed during the past three years should be made available to potential buyers. This is done to help protect home buyers and it will also help protect home sellers from future claims and litigation. We strongly recommend that home buyers contact the Structural Pest Control Board of California and request copies of all inspection and completion reports on any property and carefully review them before making any buying decision. This will help to verify if any important documents were not disclosed or omitted by the sellers.

Q. Should I be concerned if the home was painted before the termite inspection?
A. You should consider this a “potential red flag warning”. One never knows if the sellers of the property were doing the right thing and just cleaning up the home’s appearance before they marketed it. But, you’ve also got to be on the lookout for sellers that are simply trying to cover up problems. Another thing we frequently see is that painters and other contractors just paint or putty over problem areas without insisting that areas be correctly repaired, first. A thorough termite inspection should be ordered and areas previously repaired by others should be carefully examined. Quite often, our inspectors will find areas that have not been properly repaired. At a glance, these problem areas look just fine. But, once our termite inspectors start probing, significant damage will be exposed. Some home sellers are often annoyed when they see these damaged areas probed and exposed. That is why we strongly recommend that sellers should order a thorough termite inspection and have any damages repaired before they have their home painted.

Q. What does a termite inspection mean when you’re selling a home?
A. A termite inspection report is a legal document that notifies all of the interested parties, in a home sales transaction, if there are any signs of wood destroying pest, conditions that may lead to future problems or areas of the home that need further inspection. This is a form of disclosure that protects and helps to limit the liabilities of everyone involved in the home sales process.

Q. What kind of termite inspection is needed when buying a home?
A. You should order a complete inspection of the entire structure, as well as attached structures. Most real estate sales contracts also require that the report be a separated report so that it will categorize all findings and recommendations into three basic sections. Section one items are defined as areas where wood destroying pest are present. Section two items are conditions that may lead to future infection or infestations by wood destroying pests. Further Inspection items are areas where portions of the home that were not accessible during the inspection and where further inspection is needed.

Q. What do I order first – a home inspection or a termite inspection?
A. We recommend that both inspections be performed at the same time. This allows both inspectors to communicate with one another and discuss areas of concern – together. If both inspections can not be done at the same time, it is still important that both inspectors be fully aware of potential problems and that if needed, they be encouraged to communicate with one another and discuss those items of mutual concern. Some buyers and sellers are concerned that the two inspectors will be in each other’s way. This is simply not the case and again, if at all possible, both inspections are best done at the same time.

Q. When is the best time to review a termite inspection report if buying a home?
A. The best time to review a termite inspection report is before you make any buying decision. If problems or issues are noted in the report, then you can give yourself time to deal with them and decide the best course of action. Unfortunately, many home buyers and sellers gloss over termite inspection reports and are left completely unaware that problems exist. Please remember that once the home sales process is final, it is often too late to deal with termite and dryrot problems and that may later force you to have to take legal action. Again, everyone involved in the sales process should be fully aware of any problems noted in an inspection report and they should carefully deal with them prior the close of any home selling transaction.

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