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Dry Rot or Termite Damage Problems?

Unfortunately, most homeowners wait too long before they order a termite inspection and have their home  treated. That’s why a lot of homes in our area have serious termite damage. Our coastal areas are damp (We’ve got water dripping off of our roof tops almost everyday, don’t we?). That dampness creates a perfect environment for fungus, which is what causes dryrot.

Wood destroying fungus is almost like a “cancer” because it eats the cellulose in your wood, turns it soft like a damp kitchen sponge and it spreads and infects the wood members attached to it! With termite damage and dry rot damage, “You can spend a little now to keep your home maintained or you can spend a whole bunch more, later!”

If you believe your home to have dry rot or termite damage and it is in need of Wood Repair please feel free to give us a call at (949) 631-7348 or use our handy form at right.

There are a lot of carpenters in Orange County and I know it’s hard to decide who you should hire to work on your home. Here are Five Reasons Why You Should Call Us When Your Home Needs Dryrot and Termite Damage Repairs:

  1. We specialize in dryrot and termite damage repairs and that’s all our carpenters do everyday! Over and over again, you’ll hear contractors say, “Gee! I didn’t know that was required” (I’m not knocking contractors because they can do a lot of the stuff that we can’t). But, when you need dryrot and termite damage repairs, wouldn’t it be better to deal with someone that is licensed to do that kind of work? And, wouldn’t you rather work with someone that really knows what needs to be done to solve your problem?
  2. Thorough Inspections! Can’t emphasize this enough because thorough inspections really make a huge difference. Not long ago, I gave an estimate but the homeowner wanted to get a second bid. My estimate included a typed report, a list of materials and our price quote (She knew exactly what she was getting for her money!). The other bid listed a lower price and didn’t say much else. (The other guy didn’t do a thorough inspection and thus his estimate did not include many items that it should have.) She hired the other guy and she got a “half-job”. But, the buyer of this house saw the “half-job” and said that he didn’t want to buy a “half-rotten house”. It took over two months of hassle and a lot more money before the deal was closed! Isn’t it better to know everything up front, instead of getting expensive surprises later?
  3. Detailed estimates! When I do a bid, I want for you to know exactly what you’re getting for your hard earned money. A lot of estimates only say something like, “Repair dryrot damage. $495.00.” But, when you get an estimate like that, what are they really going to do in return for your money? Are they going to simply walk in with a glob of wood putty, slap it on and say it’s fixed? (That happens more than you can believe!) Take a look at one of my estimates and you’ll see a detailed list of materials. And, when we’re done, that’s what you’ll see installed on your home! You’ll also receive a detailed inspection report and a price quote. Is it a hassle for me to do this? Yes! Can you afford to take chances with another company that doesn’t tell you what you’re getting for your hard earned money? NO!
  4. Great Prices! If you’ll take your time and compare what you’re getting for your money and how much you’re paying for the job, you’ll see that our prices are extremely competitive. In my experience, most homeowners that do a comparison like this wind up hiring me to do the job!
  5. Highly recommended!  Click here and see Rave Reviews from Termite Terry’s Wood Repair Service customers.

To learn more about the Wood Repair Service offered by Termite Terry please call us at 949-631-7348 to schedule an appointment or use our online Order Form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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