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Rave Reviews from our Wood Repair Customers

Webber_4x6-web“Dear Termite Terry,
I wanted to take a minute and let you know what a great job your guys did. I had wood damage to my house. Having spent a lot of years as a carpenter, I was going to repair it my self but decided to call you guys first.

The first person I met was Skip. It was clear to me that he understood how to repair the damage at my house and I got a very comfortable feeling dealing with him. He was very professional and I received a quote after a few days. The quote was acceptable and we scheduled the work.

Next I had the pleasure of meeting Jose and Saul. Their quality of work is outstanding. I even made change to what they were repairing mid stream and they and Skip handled it perfectly.

In my job I hire a lot of professionals and I can tell you, these guys are very good at what they do and it was a real pleasure working with them.
Thank you!”

– Jeff Weber, Orange, CA

Wood Repair, Costa Mesa

“We would just like to thank you so very much for all of your hard work on our house. Everyone in our neighborhood stops by and smiles. You’ve brightened up a little part of this area and a large part of our lives. All of the employees of your company have been cheerful, helpful and a true pleasure for all of us to meet. I say we’ll miss you all, but I have a feeling we’ll be seeing a lot of you on our neighborhood! All our best wishes to you all.”

– From The Entire Siska Family, Costa Mesa

“We found the cost was reasonable & the services provide by “Termite “Terry were excellent. The owner, Terry, also provided us with many helpful suggestions on how to prevent damaged caused by weather or termite. We would highly recommend “Termite Terry” to any homeowner who needs pest control services.”

– Vinh Pham, Yorba Linda

“This is to confirm my satisfaction with the reconstruction work accomplished on my house by Termite Terry and his outstandingly professional men that completed the replacement of the material damaged by termites, on time and with excellent results. The work was completed with minimal disruption of household activities. I would highly recommend that if your house is in the need of inspection and repairs of termite damage, this is the company that will do the job quickly and professionally”.

– Carl A. Peden, Former Pilot of Air Force One,
Fountain Valley.

Wood Repair,
Air Force, Carl Penden

“Your company was recommended by a friend and we are thankful for that. We found the Inspector to be very courteous and professional. He explained everything in detail. The workers were very personable. They went right to work and continue working without interruption until the job was completed. They both appeared to take this job seriously and worked industriously. They did a marvelous job of patching the holes drilled after treatment. The job was truly excellent. We had to look carefully to find the patches. More importantly before and during the completion of the job the inspector gave us the benefit of his expertise. Needless to say he and the rest of the crew represented your company very well. We would very much appreciate it if you would relate our sentiments to all of the workers involved in the job. They all were very professional and hard working.”
– Larry & Denise Howell

“Termite Terry has serviced my home to get rid of rats in the attic. Thank God we don’t hear or smell the rat’s anymore. He knew exactly how to get rid of them. Termite Terry was excellent with his service. Termite Terry is always so professional and his workmanship is excellent! I highly recommend Termite Terry and his team to service any home with rodents, spiders, termites, and anything else that is crawling. He does a great job! He has also serviced many of my client’s homes. My client’s all love him and his professional service. Several of my clients have called me for Termite Terry number. Everyone who uses Termite Terry always refers there family, friends and neighbors to him. Excellent service and great prices!”
– Denise Fortain-Hall, Century 21 Beachside, Mission Viejo

Wood Repair, Westminster

“I am a retired police officer. Terry’s services are always fast, professional. And all the workers that he has are fast and professional also. They give you a good value for your dollar. They come in and do the job quickly and accurately the first time. I was taken care of 100%. Anything I needed, they took care of. Their pricing is fair and their workmanship and workmanship quality is very, very high. I recommend them to anybody.”

– Dan Fuson , Retired Police Officer, Westminster

Wood Repair Testimonial, Huntington Beach

Wood Repair, Huntington Beach CA

“My name is Ron Shelor and I live in Topeka, KS. I’ve been in the construction field as a commercial and residential remodeling contractor for 35 years. My mother, who lived in Huntington Beach, Ca. passed away in October of 2007 and I came out here to take care of her estate. Part of that task was to sell her house. I hired a realtor and he recommended “Termite” Terry to do the termite inspection. Terry looked over the house and found numerous damaged areas like the facia, eaves and decorative boards that needed to re replaced. I hired “Termite” Terry to do the work. His crew came the next week and finished the work. They did a very nice job of removing, replacing the damaged wood and painting. Later, they did some more work inside the house and did a neat and fine job. “Termite” Terry, his construction and fumigation crews were always here when they were scheduled to be. They were very professional and courteous. I would recommend “Termite” Terry Pest Control, Inc to do work for anybody.”

– Ron Shelor, Contractor, Huntington Beach.

“Sorry I have taken so long getting a note off to you regarding your service for treatment of termite and dry rot at our house. I want you to know how much we appreciated your great service and competitive pricing. Being in the real estate business for 30 years has given me the opportunity to see the work ethic that you have made for your company. Your crew worked non stop until they got all of our work done, not only the wood replaced but painted. I don’t need to tell you how rare that is in our real estate business world. As and agent I am usually sitting around the last few days before and escrow closed praying that the termite work will be done in time for escrow to close. That is a great work ethic in this day and age. If you ever in the future need a recommendation don’t hesitate to call us. Thank you again.”

– Pat Pizzata, Realtor, Century 21 Beachside Real Estate.

Wood Repair Testimonial, Newport Beach

“A couple of weeks ago wife Lynda saw Termite Terry’s truck parked across the street and inquired of Jennifer how to get an estimate. That started a process that left us thoroughly happy with this company, because their estimator came and spent many hours probing all exposed wood surfaces for termites, all with no extra charge. We then discussed the degree of our problems (which were large with hundreds of places needing replacement wood), and were convinced the contract price offered was really way less than other well-known named firms. The workers came when promised and replaced dozens of boards. We had really excellent but simple instructions on how to bag the foods in the house, and it took us a lot less time that we’d imagined. Exactly where the tent was to be placed was clearly explained, by “Termite” Terry himself. Then came the arrival of the equipment, and we went to a fun nearby motel. When we called to find out how it was going, we got instant answer from Jennifer (3-minuted callback wait), now manning the phones. When everything was gone, it turned out that some of the plants we thought we might lose were just fine. We can unhesitatingly recommend “Termite” Terry Pest Control, Inc. as providing us with excellent service at what we thought was a very good price. Best wishes.”

– Bob Wood, Nuclear Physicist, Newport Beach.

Wood Repair Testimonial, Huntington Beach

“Donna and I want to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for the excellent work done replacing the termite damaged wood and the subsequent termite fumigation. The crew was very professional. They were extremely courteous and willing to provide answers to any questions we had about the process. The work was completed in the time frame agreed upon without any incidences. All in all the whole experience was much easier than we expected. Donna and I would recommend your company to anyone in need of termite work. Thank you for your recommendation for painters as the company we choose was very professional and did a great job.”

– Terry Tewell, Insurance Adjuster, Huntington Beach.

Wood Repair Testimonial, Huntington Beach

“Debbie and I want to thank you and your crew for all your efforts relating to the fumigation efforts at our home in Huntington Beach. Your very competitive bid not only won the price, content and quality, but it also won the “TRUST FACTOR”. Eighteen months ago we completed the first phase of our home remodeling efforts, which was an extremely unpleasant experience for us since the contractor and subcontractors constantly lied to us and failed to meet their commitments. It was truly a pleasure to work with someone who kept his word and meets all project expectations. Please feel free to use this letter and Debbie and I as a reference for future projects. Also, please keep us on your mailing list for future opportunities.”

– Larry Morgan, Engineer, Huntington Beach.

“I recently found myself in a bind and needed termite work performed and a completion notice, in practically the same day. After making a couple of unsuccessful requests of other companies, I called “Termite” Terry Pest Control, Inc. I told the inspector that I needed some “Termite Magic” and he said “no problem!” It was Friday morning and I needed to have the completion to escrow by Monday. He did his inspection that afternoon, had his crew in over the weekend to complete extensive wood work and painting, had the tent up on Monday and my completion notice was to escrow by noon. It really was magic! Your inspector was professional, kept me updated every step of the way, and even delivered the papers directly to my office on Monday morning. I can’t speak highly enough of him, and I hope that you will give Termite Terry a try even if you aren’t in a time crunch.”

– Susanne D’Arcy, Realtor, Seven Gables Real Estate, Yorba Linda.

Wood Repair Huntington Beach

“Thanks again for the professional care and expertise you and your employees showed as they vigilantly replaced the large quantity of damaged wood throughout the roof of our (40 year old) two-story home in Huntington Beach. We are also very grateful for your advice and help in minimizing our distress in preparing for the tenting, which –in large measure-is consistent with the way you run your business and your genuine concern for others. The tenting team you employ did a nice /clean job, and we appreciated the supervision you added to that process, which made us feel that our house was treated with the same care your own would be! We are more then happy to recommend you (and your company) to anyone concerned about termite damage and the eradication of these pests. Your knowledge about “how termites work” is impressive, and obviously relates to how you got the nickname “Termite” Terry. Also, your eagerness to continue to learn about these insects and how best to deal with them gives you (in my opinion) an edge over most other exterminators in the field! The conscientious methodology you use to inspect all of the roof and attic areas for infestation is very reassuring. As you know, I plan to sign up for your annual inspection so that local treatments can minimize the damage these pests make after each swarm “settles-in”, and during the maximum time interval you recommend as most prudent between full tenting procedures. As we have discussed, my 40 year experience with the home (and three other exterminating companies) has proven that attempting to use (only) local treatments in order to avoid the occasional tenting process is a (very) foolish mistake, and one which will eventually “catch-up” with the homeowner as it did in our case. One need only be shown—by someone with your experience and candor—the inaccessible (yet most-likely) areas in the attic and roof for termite colonies to inhabit while launching their destructive power. This should make it (painfully) obvious to anyone that local treatments are good for the short term after tenting, but should not be considered a replacement for tenting over the long term! Your candor, honestly and industriousness are very refreshing and now your completed work (at what we felt was a very competitive price) has demonstrated your trustworthiness as far as my wife and I are concerned. Thanks again and please feel free to share this letter with anyone you choose.”

– John O’Brien, Engineer, Huntington Beach.

Wood Repair, Santa Ana

“If you want to deal with a termite company that is honest, has integrity, high work ethics, and quality workmanship, I would highly recommend “Termite” Terry’s Pest Control, Inc. services. In July 2007 when I discovered I had termites, it was only 2 weeks before I was leaving on a month long trip overseas. I asked a realtor friend if she could recommend someone trustworthy to do the work. She suggested I contact “Termite” Terry. When Terry Singleton inspected my home, he said I needed to have wood replaced and the house would have to be tented and fumigated after the wood was painted and replaced. I contracted for the wood to be replaced while I was still in the area, and for the tenting to be completed while I was away. The crew needed to have access to my home, so I left a key for them. They were respectful of my home and belongings and left everything neat and clean after every visit. I never had cause to worry about anything. I October 2007, I saw a 12 inch piece of old looking wood hanging loose from under the eave area where they had replaced some woods. I called Terry and explained the situation to him and he and his crew came out 2 days later. Even though it was an old piece of wood, and had nothing to do with the work they had done in July, they replaced it with a new piece of wood and painted it, free of charge. The other thing that impressed me was the fact that they always arrived at their scheduled appointment times, which is always very important to me because I work and have to stay home (without pay) when I’m meeting repairmen. I never had to call to find out when they were coming, because they were always prompt and respectful of my time. I feel you can deal with “Termite” Terry and his crew with most confidence in every aspect.”

– Barbara Sieber, Teacher, Santa Ana.

“I’m writing to let you know that during the past year, the Reliability Report that we publish on Termite Terry has had 196 inquiries and reflects 0 complaints. In most cases, these report viewings are done by potential customers who are checking on your company’s rating. Companies like yours are what the Better Business Bureau stands for. We congratulate you on having no complaints to date.”

– William G. Mitchell, President/CEO, Better Business Bureau.

Wood Repair, Huntington Beach

“It is my pleasure to recommend Terry Singleton of “Termite” Terry Pest Control for your termite wood restoration work. We had extensive wood damage to the architectural features of our home. Terry was meticulous in his evaluation and gave us many options for the restoration. His attention to detail was excellent. Terry’s craftsmen are superb. The restoration work is actually better than the original. If you desire the highest quality in termite wood restoration, Termite Terry is your man.”

– Steven Chin MD DACEP, Intercommunity Emergency Medical Group, Huntington Beach

“The service I experienced was fast quality service excellent customer support, very friendly. What I was happy with was the fact that this was one of my rental properties so I couldn’t be there. The technician just came and did the work in a few days after I called. I didn’t hear the renter complain of anything. My co-worker referred the service. I’ll definitely refer “Termite” Terry Pest Control to others. My service Technician was the best and very pleasant.”

– Brian Pham, Mission Viejo

“Terry & Crew, You just left after working on my mobile home. I just wanted to say thank you, you guys did a very professional job and we are just so pleased at the results. They worked very hard and were very thorough, they were also a pleasure to work with. We would not hesitate to recommend you and your workers to anyone. Thanks to all of you for a job well done. Good luck to you.”

– Margaret & James Young, Fountain Valley

“Hi, my name is John Thomas and I’ve been a painting contractor for the past 15 years. Over the years, I’ve come behind many different termite companies that have done repairs on homes that I’m going to paint and I’ve seen a lot of shoddy repair work from many of these guys. But, that’s not the case with Termite Terry. His work is first rate, everything is plumb, all holes are all filled and corners & miter joints are cut very nicely. It’s pleasure to come in behind him. It saves me a lot of time and I don’t have to point out more repair problems to the home owner that it will add to the cost of their paint job. If you’re considering Termite Terry for your next repair job, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to my friends and business associates.”

– John Thomas, Painting Contractor, Huntington Beach.

Wood Repair, Laguna Hills

“In January of this year my home of almost 30 years was tented and fumigated for termites. This project was expertly and professionally handled by “Termite” Terry Pest Control of Costa Mesa, California. I had postponed actually doing something about my “Obvious” termite problem for many years thinking that actually making it happen was to daunting a task. Terry Singleton and his team made it a breeze! It did take some effort to make ready for the procedure but Terry was right there assisting me. My home required significant wood repair/replacement. Terry’s construction team did remarkable and thorough work followed by a full and complete cleanup. In conclusion I would like to add that his fee was, in my opinion after looking around a bit, extremely reasonable! I recommend “Termite” Terry for any and all of your termite eradication needs. P.S. Don’t wait as long as I did, it was a very large error!”

Terry L. Temple, Retired Police Officer, Laguna Hills, California

Wood Repair, Huntington Beach

“I felt compelled to write to tell you what a wonderful job Jose and his partner did over the last two days working on my condo. They were very respectful, thoughtful and considerate. It was a rather lengthy process to treat the termite issues in the unit, working both inside, outside, in the attic and the garage. They cleaned up completely both days wherever they were working including vacuuming the carpets in the living/dining room areas where they had to pass through to get to the patio. I was totally impressed how well they worked, keeping their noses to the grindstone the entire time with only one thought in mine – get the job done! Thank you for sending me such a wonderful crew to work on the problem. I am certain that they accomplished what they set out to do. I would highly recommend both of them – they were a great team working together.”

– Jerrie Steinhauer, Tamarack Village Condos, Huntington Beach.

Wood Repair, Huntington Beach, CA

Wood Repair, Huntington Beach, CA

Dear Terry,
“Thank you very much for the wonderful job you did on our house. There were about four or five different people at work who had already used your services for their termite problems, and each one of them recommended you very highly. So felt pretty confident having you work on my house, and you didn’t disappoint. You and your staff were professional and efficient. Everyone showed up on time, and the quality of the workmanship was excellent. Thank you again, and good luck on your future jobs.”

– Luis Cabonell, Lab Technician, Huntington Beach

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