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How To Get Accurate Wood Repair Estimates

Orange County homeowners are often shocked when they discover how much damage has been done to their homes by termites and dryrot. Even more shocking is when homeowners realize how quickly damage occurred.

Why are termites and dryrot such a problem in Orange County? One of the main reasons is that we have a mild climate. The optimum temperatures for termites range from 75 to 95 degrees. When exposed to temperatures of 100 degrees or more, termites may die within minutes.

The other big reason is moisture. Termites and fungus need moisture to survive and you can tell we have a lot of moisture in our air because on most mornings, you’ll see water dripping off our roofs. If you go to a dry climate like they have in Palm Springs, you won’t find anywhere near the amount of termite and dryrot damage we have here.

We have close to perfect conditions for termites and dryrot in Orange County. When you consider we have termites eating 24 hours a day and we have fungus causing dryrot damage all day and night, it is no wonder that many of our homes have significant damage and are in need of major repair.

Unfortunately, trying to get a good repair estimate can be very frustrating. You’ll find prices varying wildly from one company to another. You’ll also find it rare for two or more contractors to agree on what needs to be fixed and how repairs should be performed. It is no wonder that so many homeowners are confused!

To make your life easier and help take the risk out of making your decision, here are Five Tips To Help You Get Your Best Wood Repair Bid Ever:

  1. Look for someone who specializes in dryrot and termite damage repairs. It is no different than going to a doctor – you wouldn’t go to an eye doctor if you had a pain in your foot, would you? There are a large number of contractors in Orange County and many of them do wood-working. However, just because you can build furniture or even build a new house, it doesn’t mean you know how to repair termite damage or dryrot on an existing structure. You really need to find a contractor who does this type of work everyday and knows the best techniques to use. Hiring the wrong type of contractor can be a disaster waiting to happen. Make sure your contractor is licensed, bonded, insured and that everyone on the crew is covered by Workers Compensation Insurance.
  2. You need a thorough inspection. If your home has been neglected and has a lot of damage, it is going to take a lot of time to do an accurate estimate. The only way to do an accurate estimate is to check every piece of wood that you can get your hands on and inspect it for damage. This alone, could be the best kept secret for getting an accurate bid. In other words, if your home has a fair amount of damage and a contractor only spends a short time walking around your home before giving you a quote, you know that bid cannot be taken seriously.
  3. You should insist on a detailed estimate! What good is an estimate on the back of a business card? All you know from that is the price!  When you get a bid, you need to know exactly what you’re going to get for your money. Ask your estimator for a full list of materials so you’ll know exactly how much will be replaced and what type of materials will be used. For larger projects, you should also ask for a sketch or drawing of your home so you’ll know what and where all items will be repaired. This is really important when you’re comparing bids because you want to make sure everyone has included the same items. If you see something on one bid but not on the other, that could be an important warning sign.
  4. Look for huge differences in prices and don’t be afraid to ask why. You know everyone in this state pays roughly the same for gas, materials, insurance, rent and most workers are paid within a certain range. If there are wild differences in prices, you know there has got to be a reason. On low bids, you may find some items may have not been included. In some cases you’ll find the contractor is not licensed, bonded and properly insured. You may also learn that the contractor doesn’t have all of his crew covered by Workers Comp Insurance.
  5. Find a contractor who is highly recommended. Ask for referral letters and insist on looking at other homes he has repaired in your neighborhood. Ask him to help you get in touch with past clients so you can really find out what others think about his work. If a contractor has a good track record of satisfied clients, chances are you’ll get a great repair job.

Everyone is concerned about price but you need to remember that price is a one-time-thing. If you pay a little more than you planned and wind up getting what you want, you’ll soon forget about the extra money. However, if you hire someone just so you can save a few dollars and wind up loosing everything because they did a bum job – you’ll remember that forever! That is why we really encourage you to do your homework and always hire someone with a proven track record.

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