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Condo Maintenance and Annual Termite Control Services

Condo Maintenance and
Annual Termite Control Services

We have a lot of condominium and town home associations in Southern California. And, more and more of these condo and town home associations are seeing the need to maintain their homes and protect their investments.

Over the years, I’ve watched how some of these homes have been maintained by various termite companies and like many of these association members, I was not impressed. That’s why I developed a system that was different.

Here Are Five Reasons Why Your Association Should Call Me:

  1. Thorough inspections! In our area we have big problems with dry wood termites. Let’s be honest, many of our condos and town homes really do need to be fumigated. But, due to the hassle of getting everyone to move out and the large expense, very few of these homes are ever fumigated. That’s why thorough inspections are so important – We need to spot all of the problem areas and deal with them before they get out of hand!
  2. Custom Tailored Service Programs! It seems like every association’s rules are different. Some say that the association will service everything, others say that they are only responsible for the exteriors, others may don’t include garages, etc. That’s why we offer programs that are custom tailored to fit your association’s needs! Let us know what you will and won’t cover and we’ll design a service program, just for you!
  3. High Rate Of Compliance!  There’s nothing worse than hiring a company that makes big promises and then fails to deliver. If you’re serious about getting good service, we’ll be happy to provide you with references from satisfied homeowner associations that will tell you that I deliver what I promise and more!
  4. Attractive service schedules!  Most associations dread starting a project like this because they’ve had so many that just went on and on and on! They never seem to finish the job! That’s why I like to set up service schedules. You’ll know what days we’re coming, which units we’re working on and you’ll know when we’re going to finish. I know that not everything is going to go perfect every time, so I allow for that when I plan the job. Ask associations where we’ve worked and they’ll tell you that we usually finish on or ahead of schedule!
  5. Prompt service for real estate transactions! Many property managers will tell you that once they’ve hired a company to do a service program and that company has completed the initial part of their service, IT IS VERY HARD TO GET THEM TO COME BACK LATER AND SERVICE UNITS THAT ARE BEING SOLD! What can I say? Call realtors and property managers that I’ve worked with and them what they think of my services. References will be provided upon request.

Want to start up a service program for your condo/homeowner’s association? Maybe you’ve got a service now but you’re dissatisfied? Please call us at 949-631-7348 to set up an appointment or use our online Order Form and we’ll get started with your custom tailored program!

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