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Another Fume Gone Bad!

    It was a nice afternoon and I was driving back from an inspection on the Balboa Peninsula when I saw one of our competitor’s fumigation tents on a home. At first glance it appeared like they did a pretty good job. I was still curious, so I stopped to take a look.

    I got out of my truck and walked around the house. Everything looked pretty good until I walked around to the back of the home. This home had a wooden deck at the rear door that measured about 10ft long, 6ft wide and about 8 inches thick. It is also important for you to know that this wooden deck was completely hollow.

     I COULDN’T BELIEVE WHAT I SAW – THEY LAYED THE TENT RIGHT OVER THIS HOLLOW WOOD DECK! In other words, it was as if they had a 10 foot long hole in the tent. I’m sure that all the gas leaked out of that house within minutes!!

    That’s terrible! This poor homeowner paid to have his home fumigated and he is still going to have a termite problem because all of the gas leaked out!

    Ladies and gentlemen, when you’re looking to have your home fumigated, I know that many of you are concerned about price. But, a case like this is a perfect example of why it is so much more important to be concerned about the quality of the job. What good is a fumigation if it isn’t going to solve your problem?? I know the big company that did this job guarantees their work. But, how many times do you want to pack up and move out of your home for a fumigation??  Wouldn’t you rather have the job done right the first time??

    At Termite Terry, this will never happen because we carefully supervise our jobs. But, if we do make a mistake, not only will we come back and re-fumigate your home for free, we’ll also give all your money back! That’s right! We’ll get rid of all your termites or your treatment is free! If you need to have your home fumigated, don’t take chances with the “El Cheapo” guy. Take the sure bet and call Termite Terry Pest Control!