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Ants Attack Hospital Patient!

A 76 year old man was recovering from heart surgery in his hospital room when he was attacked by ants. His hospital bed was found to be infested with “pavement ants”. According to his son, this man was bitten hundreds of times on his thighs and genitals before a nurse finally pulled back the sheets and spotted the problem.

His family said the hospital staff didn’t respond when the 76 year old man initially complained. Once they saw the problem, he was moved to another room, however, ants were found to be infesting that room, also.

Ants can be very invasive, especially in dry weather because they are in search of food and water. Hospital observers are concerned that ants were able to invade the intensive care unit and about infrequent examinations by the hospital staff.

The hospital’s pest control company is now checking for ant activity every 3 days. They will now be doing weekly services instead of their current schedule of only once every 3 months.

Termite” Terry understands that in today’s economy, many businesses are trying to cut expenses. But, he wants to remind everyone to consider what this hospital is going to wind up paying to settle this lawsuit Also, consider the public relations nightmare this hospital is going to have to deal and all of the expensive PR campaigns they will have to fund. An effective pest control program could have saved them a fortune. Like “Termite” Terry always says,

“Don’t be pennywise
and million dollar foolish.”

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