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Buying A Home In Today’s Market Can Be Scary!

Around Halloween, you’ll hear scary stories about everything from werewolves to witches. But, in today’s real estate market, you can hear scary stories from home buyers almost everyday of the year.

Take this one lady, who lives in a nice home which was purchased recently. When she bought the place, the realtors handed her a termite completion report which certified the home was completely free of all evidence of termites and damage. WRONG! After moving in and doing some checking, she found that her home needs a fumigation, subterranean termite treatment and wood repairs which will cost her about $20,000!

Another gentleman recently purchased two homes in the area. He was presented with a termite completion report on both properties and both reports certified that both homes were free of termites and damage. WRONG! Both of his new homes need fumigations, subterranean termite treatments, wood repairs and his estimates are expensive!!

How could this happen?? Sorry, I don’t know the answer. However, it might help if these other termite guys would stop and get out of their trucks when they do inspections. Believe me – it’s hard to do a good inspection when you’re driving by at 20 MPH!

Ladies and gentlemen, I love Halloween and enjoy all the pranks and scary stories. But, come on – You don’t want to experience a Halloween nightmare when you are about to lay out 500,000 or more dollars for a house!

If you are even thinking about buying a home, CALL US FOR A TERMITE INSPECTION! You need to be serious when you’re buying a home so you’ll know exactly what you’re buying. After you’ve bought a good house and you’re happy with it, put on your scariest costume and say BOO! Then, please invite me to your Halloween Party! (I promise that I’ll wear my “terminator” costume!)