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Drywood Termites Attack Orange County

    Many in Orange County are calling for help because they are finding hundreds or even thousands of drywood termites swarming around their homes and businesses.

    Drywood termites swarm during the months of September and October. This is their mating season and scientists believe that swarming is triggered by bright sunlight and temperatures over 80 degrees Fahrenheit.


Drywood termite swarmers

    It is quite common to see swarms of these pests flying in and around homes during this time of year because they are looking for new locations to start their colonies. The good news is that drywood termites are extremely poor fliers and most of them will start settling down after they fly for just a few feet. A majority of them will fall prey to birds, reptiles or other insects. A lot of the others will die of dehydration or injury.

    After the swarmers land, they shed their wings and start the mating process. Then, they start looking for a piece of wood to enter. Cracks, knot holes or joints between pieces of wood are the easiest access points. The king and queen will remain in their small nest and build up the colony. Drywood termite colonies are usually small but when you combine multiple colonies in a single piece of wood, you may have over 10,000 members. When you have that many termites eating 24 hours a day for 365 days a year, you’re going to start seeing a substantial amount of damage.

    Locating the nests of drywood termites can be quite difficult. For example, many people will see a large collection of wings and termites located around doors and windows when they swarm. Many will assume that the termite nests are located in these areas when they see all the evidence, but this is often not the case. Drywood termites are attracted to light and it is very normal for them to fly from another area of the room toward a door or window where there is bright light. They are trying to escape! What usually happens is that the termites will run into a piece of glass or a window screen. This is why you’ll often find a lot of wings and termites in these areas.

    Bright electric lights can also trigger termite swarms at night. Just because you see termites and wings around a light does not mean the nests are located in that area. They are most likely coming from another part of the room.

    If you see evidence of drywood termites, the first thing you need to do is to order a thorough inspection of your structure.

    Once in a while, you’ll get lucky and find termite pellets (fecal droppings) and/or corresponding termite damage. Carefully inspect those areas and you may find the nests.

    Quite often, you’ll have a situation where you know you have termites but you can’t find the exact location of the nests. In those cases, your best solution is to have the entire structure fumigated with Vikane gas. Heat treatments may also be an effective choice. With heat treatments, the entire structure can be heated up to a lethal temperature of 130 degrees or you many only need to have a portion of the structure heat treated.

    Some termite inspectors will recommend you have your home “spot treated” instead of doing a fumigation or heat treatment. If you can locate the nests and you have full access for treatment, spot treatments will work very well. Spot treatments will not work if you can’t find the nests or if the infestations lead into areas which are not fully accessible for treatment.

    Over the years, we have seen many home and business owners pay for spot treatments, only to find out a short time later that they still have a termite problem. This is really unfortunate because they often have to pay someone to come back and do their job over again, the correct way.


Fumigation Done Right

    Fumigations and heat treatments were invented because so many people had termite problems that could not be solved with a localized treatment. Back in the old days, many people had to open up ceilings, walls and literally take their roofs off to try and locate all the nests. That was really messy, time consuming and very expensive.

    If done properly, fumigations and heat treatments will do little if any damage to your home and property. You’ll also be happy to learn that fumigations are often much less expensive (especially in the long run) and when done properly, they will completely eradicate all drywood termites within your structure.

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