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Hiring The Wrong Guy Can Kill Your Deal!

Recently, we did a termite inspection on a home in Laguna Hills and as usual, we gave the homeowner our recommendations and an estimate for us to perform the treatment and repairs. This home was being sold and all work needed to be completed before escrow could close.

Unfortunately, the homeowner decided to hire another contractor that offered a lower price than ours. The other contractor completed the job and everything seemed alright until the home’s potential buyers did their final walk-through inspection. The repairs done by the other contractor were so bad that even the blind “Mr. Magoo” could tell that they weren’t done right! The potential buyers canceled the deal and walked away. And, the owner had to call us back to redo the other guy’s work. (OUCH!!)

We were called out to do a termite inspection for escrow purposes on another home in Anaheim we had previously treated for both drywood and subterranean termites. We didn’t find any new signs of termite infestations. All the owner needed to do was to have the wood and roof repairs completed and the home would be ready to sell (By the way, the owner was well aware of these repair issues because  we had already told him about these items in our previous inspection report.).

Much to our surprise, the owner hired another contractor to do the repairs. This contractor completed only part of the repairs and the owner couldn’t get him to finish the job. The owner called us at the last minute to finish the work. When you add up all of the cost, this poor owner wound up paying more than twice what we originally estimated!

Ladies and gentlemen, I admit we don’t always have the lowest price on termite treatments and wood repairs. However, read our customer reviews and you’ll clearly see that we have a stellar reputation for getting the job done right and completed on time. Don’t gamble when you’ve got something this big on the line. Call  Termite Terry Pest Control at (949) 631-7348 or click on order form and enjoy the peace of mind that you deserve.