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Home Buyers And Sellers Need To Beware!

    The California Association of Realtors (CAR) recently removed the previously required wood destroying pest inspection and wood pest report from the amended 10-page residential purchase agreement. This is a very important change that home buyers need to beware of because if they aren’t careful, they may wind up inheriting someone else’s “termite and dryrot damaged nightmare.”

    Previously, when a buyer signed a purchase agreement, it included guidelines for wood pest reports and who (if any) would be required to correct any conditions found. It also had a clause stating that the buyer may cancel the agreement if dissatisfied with the report findings. This has all been removed from the agreement. Now, if a buyer is concerned about termites and dryrot, he or she must fill out a form called the “request for repair.” What will happen if a buyer doesn’t know to make this request? Let’s hope the buyer has a good realtor that is looking out for his or her interest!100_6546

    Why did CAR do this? Are they suggesting you get a termite report before you negotiate an offer? Or, are they suggesting you leave termite work out of the real estate transaction all together? Who knows?

    With the new rules in place, we strongly recommend that if you are thinking about selling your home, have your house thoroughly inspected, first. That way you’ll know exactly where you stand before you negotiate a price. The last thing you need is an expensive surprise after you’ve agreed on a sales price.

    Are you looking to purchase a home? Have the sellers had their home inspected by a reputable firm? Or, are they hoping you’ll accept the home’s problems as-is? Please, don’t take chances – have the home thoroughly inspected before you make an offer!