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Is Your Fumigation Guarantee Meaningless?

When shopping for a company to fumigate their home or business, most home and business owners will ask if their fumigations are guaranteed. Almost every company claims to guarantee their work. Unfortunately, many of these so-called guarantees are meaningless. A great example of this was a building that I saw fumigated twice last year;

In March of last year, I was driving down the street and saw a building being fumigated. I couldn’t believe how poorly the tent had been installed. So, I stopped to take a closer look. This was one of the lousiest fumigations I have ever seen in my life and I knew that this poor building owner had been ripped off by a “big named” company.

In November of last year, I drove by and saw this building being fumigated for the second time. My first question to myself was, “I wonder if they did the job right this time?”  I got out of my truck, walked around the building and in no time at all, I found numerous holes and large openings in the tent where all the gas could leak out. It was painfully obvious that this poor owner had been ripped off, again. How many more times are they going to have to re-fume this place before they get it right? Or, will they ever??

Ladies and gentlemen, this kind of lousy work goes on everyday and I don’t know of anyone who wants to have to fumigate their home or business two or more times a year. That is precisely why we came up with the idea of offering you a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.  Our philosophy is simple; We’re going to measure your home correctly, seal up the tent and we’re going to put in the right amount of gas so we never have to come back and re-do your job. Otherwise, we’d go broke overnight because we’d have to refund everyone’s money! No other company in California will dare to match our guarantee. Now that you’ve heard this story, do you know why they won’t even try??