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President’s Economic Stimulus Plan

 Our politicians in Washington are shutting down the government and our national debt is skyrocketing. And, while all of these shenanigans were going on, did you hear of any plans to improve our economy? I don’t think so! That is why President Termite Terry is still promoting his economic stimulus plan. Here are just a few of your fellow citizens who have benefited from his plan:

  • Toby Johnson of Long Beach referred our services to Wrayanne DeMoss of Long Beach.
  • Todd Hartzog of Dove Canyon had April Jones of Coto de Caza call us.
  • Bill and Leslie Messenger of Newport Beach recommended our service to Jennifer Mac Kenzie, of Newport Beach.
  • Eric Brewer of Huntington Beach referred us to Ed Vacker of Huntington Beach.
  • Mike Nilson of Mariner’s Insurance in Newport Beach recommended us to James Brady of Huntington Beach.

    Can you imagine how all these people feel when they fill up their gas tank for FREE? Two of the people listed above, Eric Brewer and Todd Hartzog, like it so much that they have referred us several times so they could get even more FREE tanks of gas!

    To participate, all you have to do is to refer us to your family, friends or neighbors. And, if they have us do termite treatments, wood repairs or start a regular pest control service, you’ll get your FREE tank of gas, too!