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Rave Reviews!

“I just wanted to let you know that after having 5 different companies come out and give me bids, I chose your company for two reasons.

First, Skip was the most responsive and the most knowledgeable person I had come out to our house. Although I met directly with two owners of other companies, they both failed to return my calls after they presented their bids. Skip was not only accessible, but on any calls where I left him a message, he promptly returned all of them.

To many companies, it must seem straight forward – either tent or don’t tent. But, in the day of the internet, I spent a lot of time researching, not only the methods, but also termites. I had a lot of questions and I made my decision after one lengthy phone call with Skip, in which he patiently answered all my questions and knew about all the different methods I had researched.

Second, after feeling very comfortable with Skip, I was also left with the impression that your company really wanted my business. Your constant mailings coupled with your guarantee assured me that Skip had chosen a reputable company to work for. Without Skip, I would not have necessarily chosen your company, but with the combination of Skip and the feeling I got about your company’s integrity is a winning combination.

I was extremely pleased with the tenting. I was expecting the worst (broken tiles, dead and broken plants, etc.) and I was very pleased that they were professional and left our home in the same condition as before the tenting. I was also very pleased that everything happened according to how Skip had presented it.

Thank you for your customer service. It sets you apart from your competitors and I will highly recommend you to anyone looking for a pest control company.”

-Monica Monier
San Clemente