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Rave Reviews from our Pest Control Customers

"About 4 years ago, I had Termite Terry fumigated my home for termites.  I was aware of one location where I knew there was a problem.  Not too long ago after the work, I saw dead termites in that location.  He was successful in killing my termites.

termite-fumigation-Mission-Viejo-California-5.27.16-smWithin the last 6 months or so, I had a handyman that has done work for me the past 20 years.  He lives 300 miles away, so when I have a long list of things to do, he comes and stays at my house and he gets his own bedroom and bathroom.  The handyman was doing work for me about 5 months and during that time, he would go back and fourth to his place and mine.  This time he brought bed bugs to my home!  When I became aware of the problem, I just have picked about 90 bed bugs off the bed that he slept on.  I knew if anyone could get rid of them, it would be Termite Terry.  He came over and looked at my problem and I signed the contract with him.

The night before the fumigation I found 3 bed bugs in his bedroom and one hour before the fumigation company came, I found another 3 bed bugs in his bedroom.  I put 3 bed bugs in a tall glass jar and then I did the same with the other 3 bed bugs.  I put each jar in a different location in the house and told no one about it.  After the fumigation, when I was allowed to go inside, the first thing I did was to check my 2 jars to see what happened to the bed bugs.  They were all dead, I'm happy to say.  It has been 6 weeks since the fumigation and I have not seen one bug!  My handyman will not be doing any work for me again!

Thank you Termite Terry for solving my problem.  I highly recommend him if you have any bug problems.  He's honest, a straight shooter and gets the job done."

- Linda B
Lake Forest

"I’m writing to let you know that during the past year, the Reliability Report that we publish on Termite Terry has had 196 inquiries and reflects 0 complaints. In most cases, these report viewings are done by potential customers who are checking on your company’s rating. Companies like yours are what the Better Business Bureau stands for. We congratulate you on having no complaints to date."

- William G. Mitchell, President/CEO, Better Business Bureau.

Janet Evans

Janet Evans

"Dear Terry,

Thank you for all you and your staff did to take care of our home. Your service was outstanding and we couldn’t be happier!

We are certainly customers for life. Wishing you all the best."

- Janet Evans, Olympic Champion, Ladera Ranch.

"A quick note of thanks for a job well done. You and your workers were prompt, polite and professional. I would definitely recommend you to my friends."

Bob Travis, Retired U.S.A.F, Fountain Valley.

"Termite Terry has serviced my home to get rid of rats in the attic. Thank God we don’t hear or smell the rat’s anymore. He knew exactly how to get rid of them. Termite Terry was excellent with his service. Termite Terry is always so professional and his workmanship is excellent! I highly recommend Termite Terry and his team to service any home with rodents, spiders, termites, and anything else that is crawling. He does a great job! He has also serviced many of my client’s homes. My client’s all love him and his professional service. Several of my clients have called me for Termite Terry number. Everyone who uses Termite Terry always refers there family, friends and neighbors to him. Excellent service and great prices!"

- Denise Fortain-Hall, Century 21 Beachside, Mission Viejo

Pest Control, Mission Medical"We have utilized Termite Terry’s services on multiple occasions. Originally we hired them to perform termite inspections on two different properties in Newport Beach. As we suspected, both properties needed to be tented. The services went very smoothly with no surprises at all. Not only was the service exceptional, making thing’s easy for us, but on every occasion when we met, they were on time and extremely professional. This is something we’re not used to with being in the real estate business. They even took on the awful job of pigeon abatement and clean up in a very large property that belongs to one of our clients in Santa Ana. This was a huge job but Termite Terry steeped up to the plate and got the job done. In return, this made us look really good to our client.

We now use Termite Terry’s Pest Control, Inc. service at our Laguna Niguel Medical Plaza where a previous pest control company couldn’t handle a rodent issue. As soon as Termite Terry started our service, the tenant complaints stopped. I trust the service and reliability so much that I now have Termite Terry handle pest control at my house. I highly recommend Termite Terry and will be happy to speak to you regarding my experience in working with them. Please don’t hesitate to call me at the number below if you have any further questions."

- Mariko Beaver, Senior Vice President, Venture RE Group

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