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Rave Reviews from our Termite Treatment Customers

Termite Treatment, Costa MesaWe want to thank you for the termite treatment you did recently. We live in a town home, which makes termite treatment a challenge. A few years ago, we had a bad experience when our association decided to tent. The company was chosen for us and the guarantees were not honored, which made us hesitant to treat again.

You company representative, Joe Johnston, was inspecting our neighbor’s home when I asked him about your service. He answered all my questions, with a smile and I immediately asked for his card. We spoke to our neighbors and they were pleased with the work that was done on their place. We set up an appointment and could not believe the attention to detail that Joe put into his inspection. We were sold.

Your termite technicians, Jose and Saul, did a very thorough job and were careful about every detail. They were very vigilant about cleaning up when they were finished. We are completely satisfied with the work and your service. We have already recommended your service to friends and neighbors. Thanks for a great job!

-Peter and Gigi Bouffard, Costa Mesa.

Termite Treatment, Santa Ana

Termite Treatment, Santa Ana

We contacted Termite Terry over concerns from seeing termites in our home. The inspector spent several hours performing a thorough inspection and gave us a neatly written and comprehensive proposal for a complete subterranean termite treatment. He included brochures and a copy of the manufacturer’s instructions. I appreciate being able to review this information and commend Termite Terry for sharing this info with their customers – several other firms do not. They also sent us a six page report with specific recommendations.
    They scheduled the treatments. The staff was polite, friendly and professional. They were careful in moving all of our stuff out of the way and were meticulous about their measurements between drill sites. Trenches were dug around the perimeter as they promised and as recommended by the manufacturer.
    Work was completed in two days as promised and everything was put back in place with care. In checking their work, I found all the drilling sites to be professionally patched and done in a manner where the holes were hardly noticeable. This was particularly true for our brick patio where they mixed the appropriate coloring to make the drill sites discrete. Before leaving, they left us with a booklet titled “All About Pest” which we found extremely useful.
    We would summarize by saying the folks at “Termite” Terry Pest Control deliver service on-time and in a friendly, professional manner. We have found their work to be without compromise and done for a reasonable cost. We would not hesitate to recommend this firm to others.

-William B. Martin, Ph.D., Chemist, Santa Ana, California.

Termite Treatment, Huntington Beach

Termite Treatment, Huntington Beach

I felt compelled to write to tell you what a wonderful job Jose and his partner did over the last two days working on my condo. They were respectful, thoughtful and considerate.
    It was a rather lengthy process to treat the termite issues in the unit, working both inside, outside, in the attic and the garage. They cleaned up completely both days wherever they were working including vacuuming the carpets in the living/dining room areas where they had to pass through to get to the patio.
I was totally impressed how well they worked, keeping their noses to the grindstone the entire time with only one thought in mind – get the job done!
    Thank you for sending me such a wonderful crew to work on the problem. I am certain that they accomplished what they set out to do. I would highly recommend both of them – they were a great team working together.

-Jerrie Steinhauer, Tamarack Village Condos, Huntington Beach

Termite Treatment, Anaheim

Termite Treatment, Anaheim

“Terry and his crew came to my house and completed the work that Terry had recommended to us to eradicate subterranean termites from our garage and from our attic, where they had advanced through the garage walls. He answered all my questions by phone very thoroughly and patiently, and he came and did a complete inspection of our property for termites, from the curb to the back fence. He spent two hours or more investigating everything inside and outside of the house, the attic, eaves, patio cover, wood shed and the children’s playhouse. He gave us a prioritized list of recommendations (drilling through the garage floor and treating the termites there and in the attic, tenting the house and doing perimeter work around the outside of the house) and for a fair price for each process. When the crew arrived, they were near, clean and extremely nice. They worked quickly and they finished before I expected. They cleaned up after themselves and thanked me for hiring them as they left. Terry showed me each step of the work they had done and gave me further recommendations to discuss with my husband. Terry never applied any sales pressure but left me feeling confident that he knows his stuff and would not sell me more than was necessary, nor do less than was necessary. I appreciate and am impressed by his candid style, his thoroughness, his patient explanations, his prompt service and his commitment to fulfilling his promises. I highly recommend Terry and his crew.”

– Linda Rowberg, Homemaker, Anaheim.

“Your services are great. You guys did a very thorough inspection on my home, care, and attention to my landscape. Terry Singleton was great!!!”

– Trudy Sandmeier, Pacific Palisades.

Termite Treatment, Huntington Beach

“My name is Ron Shelor and I live in Topeka, KS. I’ve been in the construction field as a commercial and residential remodeling contractor for 35 years. My mother, who lived in Huntington Beach, Ca. passed away in October of 2007 and I came out here to take care of her estate. Part of that task was to sell her house. I hired a realtor and he recommended “Termite” Terry to do the termite inspection. Terry looked over the house and found numerous damaged areas like the facia, eaves and decorative boards that needed to re replaced. I hired “Termite” Terry to do the work. His crew came the next week and finished the work. They did a very nice job of removing, replacing the damaged wood and painting. Later, they did some more work inside the house and did a neat and fine job. “Termite” Terry, his construction and fumigation crews were always here when they were scheduled to be. They were very professional and courteous. I would recommend “Termite” Terry Pest Control, Inc to do work for anybody.”

– Ron Shelor, Contractor, Huntington Beach.

“I’m writing to let you know that during the past year, the Reliability Report that we publish on Termite Terry has had 196 inquiries and reflects 0 complaints. In most cases, these report viewings are done by potential customers who are checking on your company’s rating. Companies like yours are what the Better Business Bureau stands for. We congratulate you on having no complaints to date.”

– William G. Mitchell, President/CEO, Better Business Bureau.

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