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Rave Reviews- Fumigation, Newport Beach

    “I was referred to your company by a friend of mine in the neighborhood. She told me that Skip was the contact and that he was very helpful and able to manage a delicate situation with her association members.

    From the day I contacted Skip I was impressed with his knowledge and attention to detail. Before contacting Skip I had two other bids from Termite Companies in the area. However, I was not satisfied with their inspection and feel that they missed a lot of what Skip saw.

    Skip is one of the only professionals I met that can explain the inner working of the Termite, and I mean everything about them. I would go as far as to call him the Termite Whisperer. He knows them well. I appreciate his integrity and patience and with the many questions I had prior to treatment.

    As the tenting date grew near I trusted I was in good hands. The whole office was very organized. Skip had to be out for a few weeks with surgery but was always available. I never felt like he or the office ‘forgot about me’.  I was impressed with Skip’s dedication to me as a client and also with the staff in the office that took my calls and questions as well.

    We had a complicated situation because we live in a duplex. Skip handled all of the details with tenting for the tenants in the front unit as well as our unit. He did a fantastic job and everything was done on time without any issues.

Thank you,

Jennifer Irani
Newport Beach