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The Difference Is Absolutely Astonishing!

Over the past few months, I’ve been searching for another termite control specialist to add to our staff because we’re busy and we need the extra help. So far, I haven’t found the right person.

We were hoping to find someone with experience that could just step in and start work. We’ve had about 20 experienced guys apply for the job. Some had between 10 and 17 years of experience and 2 were former termite company owners. After testing these guys, I was absolutely astonished to find out how little training they had received during their careers. Not a single one of them even knew how to measure a house for a fumigation! I was also shocked to learn that most of them had absolutely no idea of how much termiticide to use on a basic termite treatment!

I really feel bad for all of the thousands of homeowners who have hired these guys. How could these guys get away with “faking it” for so long? I believe that they were able to “fake it” because the general public doesn’t know what to ask or look for. That is why I always emphasize customer education. If a person will take the time and do their homework, I really believe they will throw all of these other guys off their property and never even dream of hiring them.

If you know of anyone who is looking for pest control service, termite treatments or repairs, do them a huge favor and tell them to go onto our website at www.termiteterry.com. We have a wealth of information available and we have many links to third party sources, such as universities and manufacturers. With this info, a homeowner can quickly learn more than most termite guys will ever know.

Do you know of anyone who would like to have their home inspected? If so, have them call us. They should also feel free to invite anyone else they like. But, it is very important that they take what they have learned and put everyone to the test. And, please have them compare what these other guys know to what our specialists know. If they will do this, I’m sure they will all agree that the difference between what our specialists know and what the other guys know is absolutely astonishing! Our specialists are like walking encyclopedias. Would you hire a tax accountant to guess at how much tax you owe? Would your hire a doctor that only guessed at what you need and didn’t perform any tests? Then, why would anyone hire a termite guy who was only “faking it”?