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Two Brothers Awarded 400K In Lead Paint Case!

    Two young boys were awarded $400,000 for damages suffered after they ingested lead based paint. Their mother claimed that her two sons were sickened by lead based paint that had peeled or chipped off the walls and windows in their former apartment.

    One of the boys was 3 and the other at 16 months when they moved into that rental, along with the mother. In July of 2009, test showed that both boys had blood levels indicative of lead poisoning.

    Lead paint violations were issued to the landlord in May and August of 2009. The landlord was then sued by the family and the children were awarded $200,000 each after a bench trial.

    “Termite” Terry wants to remind landlords and property managers with homes built before 1978 to have them tested for lead based paint. It is especially important to have homes tested for lead based paint if you’re planning to be doing renovations, repairs or painting. Thinking about investing in rental property? Don’t even think about buying anything built before 1978 without a lead paint test, FIRST. More and more tenants are going to hear about these big lawsuits and will want to start playing “litigation lotto” with your money.

    Need help with wood repairs on homes built before 1978? “Termite” Terry and his crews are EPA Certified Renovators and are trained in Lead-Safe Practices. To schedule an appointment, call our office at (949) 631-7348 or click on order form and we’ll be glad to assist.