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Two Year Old Attacked By A Coyote!

    A two year-old girl was bitten and dragged by a coyote at a cemetery in Cypress. 

    The girl was standing about ten feet from her mother as the family was visiting a grave. The coyote bit her and then dragged her body toward some bushes. Her mother screamed, lunged and somehow managed to save her daughter’s life.

    Officials later shot and killed three coyotes at the cemetery. The girl was given a rabies shot and treated for a 2½ inch gash on her leg.

    Within the span of a week, three Yorkshire terriers were reported to have been attacked by coyotes living in Laguna Beach. Officials found blood and fur left behind after the pets had been killed by the coyotes.

    “It looked like the coyotes actually broke through a fence – or jumped over it and knocked it over when they did it – to come after the dogs,” said Laguna Beach Police Captain Jason Kravetz.

    Animal control officials in Laguna Beach say that coyotes are wandering closer to homes in the city.

    “A lot of people are carrying whistles, walking canes or golf clubs as protection in case something like this happens and the animals become more aggressive,” said John Thompson, an animal control officer.

    Officials say in case of an encounter, you should treat them like mountain lions – make yourself big and scare them away. And, don’t run or you may become a target.

    In the city of Long Beach, pet owners were on alert because nearly a dozen cats were killed during the month, in and around the city.

Termite Terry wants to remind all pet owners to keep their pets indoors after dark and to remove all pet food or any other food that may be attracting coyotes. He also suggests that you call your city officials and demand this problem be dealt with.  

    Termite Terry went on to say, “These coyotes are multiplying at a very rapid rate and if we don’t do something about it soon, news stories like these may become an everyday occurrence.”