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1,000 Cats Join The Rat Patrol!

An animal shelter in Chicago has released 1,000 feral cats throughout the city. The city hopes that this new “Rat Patrol” will help to end its ranking as the rat capital of the US.

The program is called, “Cats at Work”, and is sponsored by the Tree House Humane Society. The program’s manager, Sarah Liss, said that her organization had noticed that cats were already making a difference on Chicago’s streets. By increasing the number of troops on the ground (cats), they believe they can help to solve the problem even faster.
The Tree House Humane Society says that their program will be kind to the felines, which would otherwise face long stays in shelters and often even euthanasia.
Before being released, these cats are neutered and vaccinated. They will be placed, two or three at a time, into residential areas or commercial settings. A registered caretaker will see to their wellbeing.
There is currently a long waiting lists for these “Rat Troopers”. If you live in Chicago, you can request assistance at a fee of $600 to $800. The money will be used to provide cat crate rentals, heating pads, litter boxes, and heated water bowls.
Only time will tell if this program works. The rats are out of control and we need all the help we can get.