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Woman Severely Burned After Hand Sanitizer Catches Fire

A woman was severely burned over her entire body after her hand sanitizer caught fire while she was trying to light a candle. The woman is continuing to recover after being admitted in the ICU. The woman claims she put […]

American Cheese Month!

October is American cheese month. We enjoy a lot of cheese in the U.S., so let’s learn some fun facts about this fine food: Americans eat about 34 pounds of cheese per year. Denmark leads the world by eating about […]

President’s Economic Stimulus

Our economy is continuing to grow and the President is working hard so we can do even better. Here are just a few more of your fellow citizens who have benefited from President Termite Terry’s Economic Stimulus Plan: Peggy Koga […]

It’s Time To Get Ready – The Rains Are Coming!

It has been many months since we’ve had any measurable rain fall in Orange County, but we all know the rains are coming this winter. To protect your home’s foundation and to prevent expensive water damage, you need to keep […]

Rave Reviews!

“Terry and his team did a thorough inspection at my mom’s home. They were both honest, patient and kind. They made good recommendations for my mom to reduce rodent access to her roof, etc. I highly recommend Termite Terry!” Katherine […]

Remembering A Great Actor

“The doctor gave me about six months to live, but when I couldn’t pay the bill he gave me six months more.” Walter Matthau, born October 1, 1920      

75 Years Ago . . .

October 29, 1945, the first commercially successful ballpoint pen went on sale at Gimbles department store in New York City. The “Reynolds Rocket” sold for $12.50, or about $178.00 in 2019 dollars.

Story Of The Big Internet Spider Hoax

Spiders and their webs are always popular props used during the Halloween season. When you see haunted houses with cobwebs spread through every room, and big creepy black spiders crawling around that have glowing red eyes – you know it […]