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California May Be The Source Of Latest E. Coli Outbreak

For the second time in less than a year, romaine lettuce has been linked to an outbreak of E. coli. Due to the fact that most of the romaine lettuce available on store shelves comes from California during this time […]

President’s Economic Stimulus

President’s Economic Stimulus The elections are finally over and the voters have spoken. Things in Washington are now going to be different. But, one thing that won’t change is President Termite Terry’s commitment to improve our nation’s economy. Here are […]

Celebrating Las Posadas

Las Posadas is a nine-day celebration   that goes from December 16th to the 24th each year. The celebration has been a tradition in Mexico for over 400 years, and is now becoming popular in the United States. The name “Las […]

Coconut Oil May Prove To Be The Best Insect Repellent

Using an insect repellent is one of the most efficient ways that you can protect yourself from the disease transmission and discomfort associated with insect bites. DEET has been considered to be the most effective and longest lasting insect repellent […]

Rave Reviews!

“Thank you for the Shell gas card. It will really come in handy. I will highly recommend you to my friends. The work and crew were great.” Patricia Conroy Costa Mesa       “My experience working with Termite Terry Pest […]

Remembering Shirley Temple

“I stopped believing in Santa Claus when I was six. Mother took me to see him in a department store and he asked for my autograph.” Shirley Temple Black (4/4/1928 – 2/10/2014)  

125 Years Ago . . .

December 24, 1893, Henry Ford completed his first (one cylinder) gasoline engine. It was built in his spare time at his workplace. He took it home, clamped it to his kitchen sink, and tested it with the help of his […]

A Christmas Story

“Home for Christmas” was the rallying cry as United Nations forces, spearheaded by American troops, were well on their way to clearing the entire Korean peninsula of Communist North Korean forces who had invaded South Korea in June, 1950. Then, […]