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150 Snakes Removed From Under A Home!

A couple purchased a “dream home” in a nice neighborhood, but

little did they know they were about to experience their life’s biggest nightmare.

They moved into their new home in November, 2019. Life was good and everyone was happy living there until the following spring. That is when they found snakes living in the rear part of the house. As the weather warmed up, they started seeing snakes popping up in the yard, under the wood deck, under a storage shed, and around the foundation.

One of the snakes even got inside the house. The owner said, “My cats had it cornered in the bathroom. We’re not sure how it got in, but we got rid of that one right away.”

The couple tried to take care of the snakes themselves, using sticks to remove them. They soon found that the problem was way too much for them to handle on their own, so they called a professional for help. Their exterminator found a large snake den under the rear deck, and over the past year more than 150 snakes have been removed. The snakes were relocated.

The couple said that the snake infestation was not disclosed by the sellers before they bought the house, so it came as a “slithery” surprise. As of now, they have spent about $8,000 on a new deck, storage shed, and pest control.

Only time will tell if this snake problem is behind them. They will have to wait until spring to see if any more pop up.