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An Absurd Termite Inspection

We were recently asked to do a termite inspection on a rental property. The owner had seen some termite evidence and now that the property was vacant, thought it would be a great time to take care of it before he rented it out again. It is important to note that the owner had purchased this property 18 months earlier and that another termite company had done all the treatment and repairs needed and claimed that it was in perfect shape.

During our inspection, we found “tons of termites” in the attic, garage, patio and on the exterior of this home. We found extensive dryrot damage throughout the patio cover. The French doors were rotted to death. And, there were areas on the exterior of this home with significant termite damage. The owner was not happy to hear about this and couldn’t understand. So, he called the company that previously did the treatment, repairs and asked for them to explain how all of these termite and damage problems could have occurred in only 1½ years.

The owner of this other termite company came out personally (unshaven and groddy) to meet with the landlord. The first thing out of this guy’s mouth was that his work only came with a two week guarantee! He then started delivering one excuse after another for not mentioning many of these problems in his previous report. Bottom line: He’d be happy to fix all this stuff, but he’d have to charge him for it (again). The landlord told him to take a hike and hired us to fix it right.

Ladies and gentlemen, don’t even dream about buying a house until you have us inspect it first. Even if our price is initially higher, you’ll still save a ton of money in the long run. Remember, “We’ll Get Rid Of All Your Termites Or Your Treatment Is FREE!” And, our Money Back Guarantee is good for TWO FULL YEARS!