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Another Rave Review From One Of Our Satisfied Clients!

Termite Terry says, “You’ve heard us say how important it is to find out if your fumigator is giving you’re a full tank of gas before you hire them. Take a look at this letter from one of our clients and you’ll learn that it is more important than ever to verify your home’s measurements before you decide on hiring anyone!”


“I noticed termite pellets on exterior wood patio covers and inside my garage. I already did some online research and knew that I wanted to fumigate and not just spot treat. Contacted Termite Terry and an inspection was performed by Skip. Skip was very thorough in explaining the entire process and what we needed to do to prepare for the fumigation. Skip also showed-up a couple days before the fumigation and provided the special bags needed for the food and medicine; he also reviewed the process. The tent crews arrived promptly the day of fumigation and immediately got busy putting up the tent. The crew leader was helpful, informative and didn’t mind me sticking around to watch and ask questions. By the time they were done, the two-story home looked like it was shrink-wrapped; they did a great job with the tent and seals . 48-hours later the tent was removed and our home cleared for occupancy.

We contacted three termite companies and all came out to do an inspection and provide a price. All were ‘A’ rated companies and professional. However, the price differences were more than I expected, and I came to realize it had to do with the volume of my house (which is used to determine the amount of Vikane gas used) that each company measured. I ended-up measuring the volume of my home myself, based on how the tent would hang over the house (balconies, patio covers, etc.) since this is the volume that the gas would occupy, and I came the closest to Skip’s calculation; which was no surprise since Skip physically measured my home with a wheel and rod. So I went with Termite Terry; the bonus is that of the three companies they were the only one that had a money back guarantee in addition to re-fumigating.

All companies require that the owner sign a waiver of damage to roof tiles, plants, etc. They did break a roof tile, and had to disassemble a portion of a fence to fit the tent, but the possibilities of these things were pointed out by Skip before the work started.” 

Thank You,

Jeff McClure
San Clemente