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Here’s Another Rave Review From A Homeowner . . . And, More Proof That If You Are Going To Have Your Home Fumigated, You Had Better Make Sure That They Use Enough Gas!

“Called Termite Terry because the termite company I went with did a poor job. We found live termites in the wood in our windows two weeks after we were fumigated. They were very helpful. I was not a client and I paid them no money. They helped me through a difficult situation and answered all my questions. Thank you for your professionalism!!! I wish I would have gone through you and avoided this mess.” 

Barbara S.
Orange County 

Termite Terry says, “We sincerely hope that Barbara gets that other company to come back to re-fumigate her home. And, let’s hope they do it right this time. You can only imagine how upset she is now that she has to go through all the hassle of doing this all over again.  

At Termite Terry Pest Control, We’ll Get Rid Of All Your Termites Or Your Treatment Is Free. That’s right! If we had done Barbara’s home, and failed to get rid of all her termites, we would re-fumigate her home and refund every penny she spent on her fumigation. There is no risk to you and the worse thing that can happen is that you get a free fumigation when you work with us. 

If you or your neighbors need a fumigation, please take the time to read our special report titled, Is You Fumigator Only Giving You A Half Tank Of Gas. This may be one of the most valuable reports you’ll ever read.”