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The “Bed Bug Taxi”

Bed bugs? Fumigation

This is a photo of the taxi being fumigated at the shop. You should have seen all of the thousands of dead bed bugs lying around in this taxi after we fumigated it! Call 949-631-7348

In our business, you never know what you’ll see next. This past Monday, our office girls were working away when an older gentleman walked in. The first thing they noticed when they saw him was that his white shirt was covered with blood stains.

When one of our girls asked what he needed, he pointed to his shirt and said that he had a bed bug problem in his taxi. He went on to say that his passengers were now complaining that they were being attacked by bed bugs and asked if we could help him. We then checked his taxi and sure enough, it was loaded with bed bugs.

Fumigations are the only method that will completely eliminate all bed bugs and their eggs. It was also his least expensive option. So, he scheduled the job and our crewmen put a tent over his taxi and fumigated it. Three days later, it was completely bed bug free.

Are you planning to take a ride in a taxi? You never know who rode in that taxi before and you need to check it out before you climb in. Please be careful or you may wind up getting “more” than just a ride.