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Carbon Dioxide Approved For Rodent Fumigations

The EPA has just announced that they have approved IGI, LLC’s carbon dioxide (CO2) as a low-toxic alternative to traditional fumigants. This new product can now be used for rodent fumigations in granaries, agricultural product storage facilities, cargo containers and ship holds.

CO2 is a naturally occurring compound that is vital for life and can be found in the air we breathe and in the water we drink. It is also used to make dry ice and carbonated beverages.

When used as a pesticide, it only functions when it is released into a confined space. By injecting it into a sealed container or storage room, the breathable air will be displaced and this causes the pests to suffocate.

“Our proprietary CO2 technology and eradication systems provide a patented, biologically and efficient solution that allows us to eliminate targeted species with no residual chemical or other biologically active substances that may harm children, pets, wildlife or the aquifer,” said Al Dentone, President and Co-Founder of IGI, LLC.

The Future of Rodent Fumigations?

The company hopes to have the EPA approve the use of CO2 for controlling burrowing rodents (gophers, ground squirrels, etc.) and bed bugs by early next year. They also hope to have the product approved for use as an organic pesticide.

CO2 may turn out to be a big game-changer and if it does, this will be great news for everyone.

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