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Agri Drones: Attacking Insects On Farms

There is a shortage of farmland in Japan and the farmers can’t afford to lose any of their crops to insects and other pests. To help win the battle against these pests, Saga University and IT firm OPTIM have teamed up to offer drone technology to the farmers.

This new weapon is called the Agri Drone and it was developed to reduce the use of pesticides on crops. The drone is mostly used at night and utilizes infrared and thermal cameras to locate areas where insects congregate.

The drone is amazing to watch in action. As it flies over a farm, its cameras will spot an area where the pests are active. The drone will then lower itself right over the pests and then its cannon will shoot a targeted application of pesticide in just that area.

The Agri drone has been tested over soy and sweet potato fields. With proven results, it is able to seek out and eliminate 50 different types of pests.

For farmers who want to eliminate the use of pesticides, the Agri drone can be equipped with a suspended bug zapper. In this case, the drone will lower itself over an area and the glowing bug zapper will attract pests and electrocute them.

The developers of this drone are now turning their attention to other crops and insects. Since rice is a major part of the Japanese diet, they are now focusing on ways to use this drone to eliminate insects that are damaging to these fields.

Times are changing and those airplanes that used to fly and spray clouds of insecticides over the crops may soon be grounded.