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Spring Is The Time To Start Preventing Pest Problems

Spring is just around the corner and it is time for us all to start looking for ways to prevent pest problems. With the rains we’ve had this past winter, it will be only a matter of weeks before all […]

Rodents Are Chewing Up The Wiring In Toyotas

A class action lawsuit was recently filed in Southern California, alleging that rodents are chewing and eating electrical car wiring in 2012 to 1016 model year Toyota vehicles. In the lawsuit, they are claiming that these vehicles are defective in […]

$50 Gas Card for your Referrals! Our President’s Economic Stimulus

The candidates are debating and this election looks like it is going to go down to the wire. President Termite Terry is sticking with his Economic Stimulus Plan because the voters know he’s prepared to deliver on his promise to […]

How The California Grape Industry Eradicated A Huge Pest Problem

When dealing with agricultural pest and disease issues, it is rare to hear success stories that include eradication, but that is what has just happened in California. In 2009, massive numbers of “European grapevine moths” threatened crops valued at $5.7 […]

Rave Reviews October 2016

Rave Review! “My name is Dan Fuson, I am a retired police officer. I have known Terry for over twenty years now, on a Professional as well as a social basis (fellow musicians). I am fortunate to be able to […]

Agri Drones: Attacking Insects On Farms

There is a shortage of farmland in Japan and the farmers can’t afford to lose any of their crops to insects and other pests. To help win the battle against these pests, Saga University and IT firm OPTIM have teamed […]

Check Out This Video of Mites In The House!

This video was taken by an owner who had bird mites crawling all over her home. This is gross! After a careful inspection, we discovered the mites were coming from pigeon nests located in the eaves at the front and […]

How To Control Spiders

If you afraid of spiders, you’re certainly not alone. In Western societies, 55% of females and 18% of males are estimated to experience arachnophobia. Besides being scary, spiders are also very messy and their webs can make even the nicest […]

Man Is Upset With Bed Bugs And Sets Apartment On Fire

A man in Detroit was so upset when he found bed bugs crawling on his body that he sprayed himself with alcohol. He then lit a cigarette and tried to burn one of the bed bugs. The cigarette ignited the […]

The President’s Economic Stimulus Plan

    The election process has started and President Termite Terry is out on the campaign trail touting his successful Economic Stimulus Plan.     Here are just a few of your fellow citizens who have benefited from his Economic Stimulus Plan: Gerry Moysa of San Juan Capistrano referred […]