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Rodents Are Chewing Up The Wiring In Toyotas

Terry the Terminator

Terry the Terminator

A class action lawsuit was recently filed in Southern California, alleging that rodents are chewing and eating electrical car wiring in 2012 to 1016 model year Toyota vehicles. In the lawsuit, they are claiming that these vehicles are defective in material or workmanship in that their electrical wiring is coated with soy-based insulation. Toyota has recently started using this type of wire insulation that is supposed to be more environmentally friendly and less expensive than traditional petroleum-based electrical insulation.

The Plaintiff in this case, who owns a 2012 Toyota Tundra, has had his truck’s soybased wiring chewed through on three separate occasions. The first incident occurred when his truck had less than 4,000 miles on it. Eight months later, he suffered a similar fate, with the wiring harness and ground straps being chewed through. This caused the lights on his dashboard to light up like a Christmas tree! Twelve months after that, the rodents chewed up his wiring again.

On each occasion, Toyota refused to repair or replace the wiring under warranty and the Plaintiff had to pay for the repairs. When the Plaintiff complained to Toyota, he was told that they did not consider this to be a defect or issue that was covered by the warranty.

Toyota is not the only automaker experiencing this problem with wiring. A similar type of lawsuit was filed against Honda Motor Corporation, earlier this year.

Personally, I think that Honda and Toyota build some very good cars and trucks and it is good that they are trying to go green and save a few bucks. But, this may not be the right way to do it. Let’s hope they solve this wiring problem, quickly.