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Giant Rats Attack Tuberculosis In Tanzania

Giant rats are being used to sniff out the potentially deadly disease tuberculosis (TB) in Tanzania. The detection rates have been so successful that they now plan to double the number of clinics where these rats are used, from 29 […]

Man Contracts Hantavirus After Staying In Park Cabins

A 22 year-old man has been hospitalized for two weeks after contracting Hantavirus, a rare and potentially fatal rodent-borne respiratory disease. Some believe that the young man, who was a tour guide at the park, may have contracted this disease […]

This Is Going To Be A Tough Year For Controlling Pests

After years of suffering through the drought in Orange County, it looks like our dry spell finally came to an end this past winter. The heavy rains caused a huge increase of plant and vegetation growth. The rains also contributed […]

The Case Of The “Perennial Rats”

It was another hot summer day in Orange County and the office phones were ringing non-stop. The ladies in the office were busy scheduling appointments, when one person called and insisted that she be allowed to speak to Termite Terry. […]

Seoul Virus Outbreak Linked To Pet Rats

State and federal health officials announced recently that at least eight people who breed pet rats have been infected with the Seoul virus. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is investigating this case, and they say these are the first […]

Rat Burgers…The Next Big Food Craze?

Eating a rat for dinner is something most Americans would never consider, but that’s not the case in Russia, where Muscovites are devouring them in chic restaurants. Nutria, commonly referred to as “river rats”, are giant orange-toothed rodents that originated […]

Rodents Are Chewing Up The Wiring In Toyotas

A class action lawsuit was recently filed in Southern California, alleging that rodents are chewing and eating electrical car wiring in 2012 to 1016 model year Toyota vehicles. In the lawsuit, they are claiming that these vehicles are defective in […]

The Case Of The “Disgusting Rats”

It was a beautiful and sunny morning in Orange County when Termite Terry arrived at his office. With his cup of coffee in hand, he sat down at his desk and started checking for phone messages and emails that came […]

Chicago Mayor Creates A Rodent Task Force

Chicago’s mayor recently announced the creation of a rodent task force and an additional 10 rodent control crews to respond to the city’s growing rat problem. Last year, the mayor added five crews which brought the total number of crews […]

Feral Cats Hired For Rodent Patrol

    Each year, thousands of unwanted cats are euthanized in animal shelters to help control their population. Many of these cats are fine animals but the problem has always been that there aren’t enough people willing to adopt them.   […]