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Re-Opening Businesses May Be Greeted By Rodent Infestations When They Return

Restaurants in California were forced to close, or were only allowed to offer limited service to help limit the spread of COVID-19. We know for a fact that many rodents live off the food and waste generated by these establishments.

During the closure period, a majority of the restaurant trash dumpsters were left empty or only partially filled, and this has forced many rodents to seek out new sources of food. It is no wonder that many owners of these re-opening businesses may be greeted by rodent infestations when they return.

Rats and mice have a strong survival instinct and when there is a shortage of food, they will aggressively seek out new sources. In other words, if there is no food in the trash dumpster, then they will try and find a way inside the restaurant. If there’s no food left inside the restaurant, then they may try getting into other businesses located nearby. And, if that doesn’t work, then they may head straight toward our homes. Could this be the reason why so many home and business owners in Orange County are seeing a rise in rodent activity?

As this pandemic winds down, we’re all going to have to continue working together to help curb this rodent uprising. One way we can do this is by sealing up any access points that would allow for rodents to get inside our structures. We need to clean up any debris and remove heavy vegetation from around our buildings. We should also keep trash in tightly covered bins, and remove pet and bird food from our yards. If you do find rodents inside of your home or business, those should be trapped and removed.

Like I always say, “Rats and mice don’t read the paper or watch the news. They don’t even know about this pandemic or our recession. All they do is to keep on working.”