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Rat Infestation Delays The Opening Of A School

Rats have infested some rooms at a school in Montebello, and students will not be able to start school for several weeks.

“Today was supposed to be my first day of school in person since March of 2020. Instead, we’re shut down because of a complete rat infestation,” said one of the teachers.

Parents and teachers are blaming the school’s administrators. They say that the officials knew about the rat problem well before they decided to delay the start of school.

A video camera was placed inside of a classroom, and you can see a rat running around. You can also see rat droppings scattered about, and that books and papers appear to have been shredded by the rats.

School officials say that it will take clean-up crews, along with an industrial hygienist, about three weeks to sanitize the rooms before students will be allowed to return to class.