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Rave Reviews!

Thank you for years of excellent service! We have been using Termite Terry for several years. They come every two months to treat for pests, wasps and rodents. The technicians show up within their time window and are thorough in their servicing of the outside of the house. They have also done one-time treatments, such as spraying the outside for fleas and under the bed for carpet beetles.

    Skip came out last week to inspect for termites. He identified an area and explained why tenting was needed versus spot treatment (because they were in inaccessible wall areas so there was no way to successfully spot treat).   

    He gave us an excellent quote for tenting. He took care of the scheduling of the fumigators and delivered bags for us to bag up our edible products. He thoroughly described the bagging process. Prior to the fumigation crew showing up on Tuesday, he walked through the house ensuring that all cabinets and drawers were open to prevent gas pockets. The fumigation crew showed up shortly thereafter and Skip was there the entire time supervising the installation of the tent. Everything went fine and we were back in the house by 10am on Thursday. We had Ring.com cameras inside the house so we could be alerted if there was a break-in while we were out of the house. There was no activity.”

Amanda VanDenburgh
Huntington Beach


    “We used Termite Terry for our tenting and wood repairs a couple of years ago and have recommended him several times. EVERYONE is happy with his service!”

Terry Wall
Costa Mesa