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Remembering A Great Crooner

“I’ve got seven kids. The three words you hear most around my house are ‘hello, ‘goodbye, ‘and I’m pregnant.” Dean Martin, born June 7, 1917

30 Years Ago . . .

On June 22, 1990, Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin, Germany was dismantled. It was the best-known Berlin Wall crossing point between East Berlin and West Berlin during the Cold War. It is now on display in a museum.

Story Of The Memorial Day Poppy

On the battlefields of Belgium, during World War I, poppies grew wild on the ravaged landscape. The “poppy movement” was inspired by the poem, “In Flanders Fields”, written by a Canadian Army doctor named John McCrae. Some of the allied […]

Quote From A Great Entertainer

“Part of show business is magic. You don’t know how it happens.” Sammy Davis, Jr., died on May 16, 1990

80 Years Ago . . .

On May 15, 1940, the first McDonald’s restaurant opened in San Bernardino, California. Burgers sold at 15¢, fries at 10¢, an ice-cold Coke for 10¢, and triple-thick shakes were only 20¢!  

March Is National Noodle Month!

The National Pasta Association has named the month of March as National Noodle Month. Here are some fun facts about our favorite comfort food: It is believed that the first noodles were made about 4,000 years ago in China. Evidence […]

Fun Facts About The Daytona 500

The 62nd running of the Daytona 500 is scheduled for February 16th and this year’s race will surely be another one for the record books. Here are some fun facts about the “Great American Race”: This track can hold 101,500 […]

Remembering Steve Jobs

“Design is a funny word. Some people think design means how it looks. But of course, if you dig deeper, it’s really how it works.” Steve Jobs, born February 24, 1955

70 Years Ago . .

On February 8, 1950, the first-ever payment by credit card was made. The founders of Diners Club (now Diners Club International) paid their restaurant bill at Major’s Cabin Grill in New York City.

Fun Facts About Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day will be celebrated on February 14th, so let’s take a look at some fun facts for this holiday: • Pope Gelasius declared February 14th as Valentine’s Day in 496 A.D. This was his effort to Christianize the pagan […]