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Spring Cleaning Tips To Keep Your Home Pest-Free

Winter is behind us and springtime is finally here. Our lawns and plants are now turning green again and all sorts of insects and rodents are coming back to life. That means it is only a matter of time before […]

“Kissing Bugs” Have Arrived In California

    The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is reporting that an insect, known as the “kissing bug” has been spotted in California.     This pest is officially called the “triatomine bug” and it can carry a parasite called Trypanosoma cruzi […]

Don’t Let Bug Bites Ruin Your Fun

Summers are nice in Orange County. We love our warm weather and so do mosquitoes, ticks, fleas and spiders. This is when these pests come alive and they can almost make you shun the summer and stay indoors. The good […]

2015 Predicted To Be A Bad Year For West Nile Virus

    Some may have thought that our problems with West Nile were behind us during the years of 2009, 2010 and 2011. Government agencies were using trucks and planes to spray and eliminate hundreds of thousands of mosquitoes. Public education […]

Are Lawn Shrimp Pestering You?

    Terrestrial amphipods or “lawn shrimp” are pests that many of you have seen but probably don’t know by name. It is common to see dozens of them on sidewalks, patios and migrating into homes after a heavy rain in […]

West Nile Virus Cases On The Rise

    The West Nile virus has claimed the lives of four people in California this summer and the number of symptomatic cases is increasing across the state.     Twenty one new human cases of West Nile virus were reported in […]

“Is Your O.J. In Trouble?”

    The $9 billion citrus industry in Florida is facing its biggest threat yet; the Asian citrus psyllid. This tiny mottled brown insect, about the size of an aphid, feeds on all varieties of citrus and experts say that if […]

Giant African Snails Seized At Airport

    67 live giant African snails were seized by federal authorities at Los Angeles International Airport.     The collection of snails weighed over 35 pounds, was shipped from Nigeria and arrived in two plastic baskets. The paperwork included with the […]

Forget Fly Swatters, Get Out Your Bug-A-Salt Rifle!

    Summer is a great time to have a picnic or barbeque. Unfortunately, as soon as you break out the food, flies, mosquitoes, wasps and other pests will join in and threaten to ruin your party.     Trying to swat […]

How Insects Are Used To Solve Crimes

    Crime scene investigators are learning all kinds of new tricks to catch criminals and in this article we’d like to share some of the methods they use to solve crimes with insects.     Let’s say a person is lying […]