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Forget Fly Swatters, Get Out Your Bug-A-Salt Rifle!

    Summer is a great time to have a picnic or barbeque. Unfortunately, as soon as you break out the food, flies, mosquitoes, wasps and other pests will join in and threaten to ruin your party.

    Trying to swat these flying pests with a rolled up newspaper can be really frustrating because they often get away unharmed. But now, these pests have met their match: A Bug-A-Salt Rifle. This pump-action rifle will take out a bug with a single shot!

    This plastic shotgun requires no battery or charging. Instead, it uses compressed air to propel a pinch of table salt at the intended target and it holds enough to shoot 50 rounds before you have to reload!

    Unlike fly swatters, which often leave a bloody mess after you smash a bug, the only clean-up this device needs is a quick brush.

    The Bug-A-Salt rifle will turn bug-hunting into a sport. The rifle is manufactured by Skell Inc. of Santa Monica and they claim that it is a completely safe way to take out an annoying bug. Because it only uses ordinary table salt, they say that it would never break the skin on even the smallest child.


Termite Terry with his “Bug-A-Salt” rifle

    I can just hear you saying it now, “Go ahead bug, make my day,” as you fire away at a fly on the wall. But if things get out of control, call “Terry the Terminator” at (949) 631-7348 to help out with all of your pest control needs.