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National Stress Awareness Month

Long-term stress can lead to a wide range of illnesses… Here are a few tips that can make a dramatic improvement in your life…

Study Confirms That Mountain Lions Are Eating A Large Number Of Pets

If you live near a wilderness area and have lost a pet recently, chances are it was an easy meal for a mountain lion. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (DFW) recently completed a study of 107 mountain lions […]

Termites Eat Up The Temple’s Offerings!

It took some time, but termites managed to eat up over 200,000 rupees from a temple’s offering box. The offering box had not been opened for four years, due to a running feud between the temple’s old and new management […]

Is Your Salad Going To Kill You?

You want to do the right thing and start eating more salads. So, you go to the market and buy a bag of triple washed, prepackaged greens. These are so convenient to use – all you have to do is rip open the bag and dump it into your salad bowl. But, you’ve got to ask yourself, “Is your salad going to kill you?”

What Type Of Fish Is In Your Sushi?

    Many of us love eating sushi but the results of recent investigations may quell your appetite for this delicacy.     Investigators from the news show, Inside Edition, ordered sushi from 25 sushi restaurants in New York City and Los […]

September 11th Hero Remembered

    On September 11th, 2001, Tom Burnett was on United Airlines Flight 93. He was the COO and vice president of Thoratec Corp., a medical devices company.     After the airplane was hijacked, he called his wife and that is […]

Campgrounds in Yosemite Park Closed After Plaque Case

      A child fell ill with the plague at Yosemite National Park. Several dead squirrels infected by the plague were found in the area and park officials were forced to close the campgrounds. The child was hospitalized but is […]

Using Goats To Prevent Wildfires

    California is experiencing a record breaking draught and our wildlands are exceptionally dry this year. The situation is serious – some would say incendiary.     To help protect us from wildfires, our officials tell us we need to clear […]

Giant Hero Rats Sniff Out Landmines

    It may seem hard to believe, but after decades of war, Cambodia still has an estimated four to six million landmines and unexploded munitions littering its fields, forests and riverbeds. This is a major problem because over 64,000 people […]

Start Taxing Organic Products To Conserve Water?

    California is now in the fourth year of extreme drought and our Governor is telling us that we need to reduce our water consumption by 25%. He is proposing a long list of directives, however, water-policy analyst agree that […]