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Using Goats To Prevent Wildfires

    California is experiencing a record breaking draught and our wildlands are exceptionally dry this year. The situation is serious – some would say incendiary.

    To help protect us from wildfires, our officials tell us we need to clear brush at least 100 feet away from our homes. Many landowners hire men with weed whackers and heavy equipment to clear these areas. This can be a very noisy and expensive job.


Looks like this goat is getting a good dinner!

    Have brush that needs to be cleared away? You may want to consider using goats to do the job, instead. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Goats are versatile. They can be used effectively in almost any location or type of terrain. These goats work really well on rocky and steep terrain that is too steep for human or machine clearing.
  • Land cleared by goats is more fire resistant and when their work is done, the land will resemble a freshly-mowed fairway.
  • Goats can be a more environmentally friendly method for clearing brush in areas where endangered animals or sensitive plants live.
  • They love eating thorny plants and poison ivy.
  • The goats don’t over-strip lands when they clear the brush and this can greatly reduce soil erosion.
  • Goats work quietly while they graze. Noisy weed whackers and machinery are not needed.
  • Goats naturally fertilize the soil as the work and their pellets are small and have little or no odor.
  • There are no hauling or dump fees because the goats consume the vegetation and recycle it.
  • The goats work fast and can clear about one acre per day.
  • Renting goats can save you up to 50% over hiring men and machinery.
  • The goats are entertaining and fun to watch.Deputy Chief Tim Smith, of Heartland Fire and Rescue, said, “It’s really been a win-win for us. It’s cost effective, it’s environmentally friendly and it’s fun.”