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Termites Eat Up The Temple’s Offerings!

It took some time, but termites managed to eat up over 200,000 rupees from a temple’s offering box.

The offering box had not been opened for four years, due to a running feud between the temple’s old and new management committees.

Once the disputes were settled, the new temple’s management team decided to open the offering box and count the cash. Team members were surprised to find that “money hungry” termites had devoured it all.

The Indian temple is located in the Tatma Toli locality in Bihar’s Purnia district, which is about 220 miles east of Patna.3779183576

“On an average, 50,000 rupees are donated to the temple every year. That means that Indian currency notes worth around 200,000 rupees have been eaten,” temple founder and committee’s vice-president Rohit Yadav told the media.

Mr. Yadav has asked the local district administration to handle the matter and initiate action against the guilty officials. He went on to say, “This is indeed a very serious matter, as more than spoiling money, this is a cruel joke with the sentiments of the innocent devotees.”