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A Spooky Story For Halloween

“In very ancient books it is said that there used to be many goblin-spiders in Japan. Some folks declare there are still some goblin-spiders. During the daytime they look just like common spiders; but very late at night, when everybody […]

Spiders & Snakes Swarm Australia

Swarms of spiders and snakes are scrambling to try and escape the flood waters in southeastern Australia. As Matt Lovenfosse pulled up to his home in the morning, he was greeted by a carpet of brown – millions of spiders […]

Story Of The Big Internet Spider Hoax

Spiders and their webs are always popular props used during the Halloween season. When you see haunted houses with cobwebs spread through every room, and big creepy black spiders crawling around that have glowing red eyes – you know it […]

Man Starts Major Fire By Attempting To Kill Spider With A Torch Lighter!

A man recently set his apartment on fire after he attempted to kill a giant spider with a torch lighter. A caregiver, for one of the men living in the building, told reporters that the fire started in an upstairs […]

Check Out Termite Terry’s Latest Article

Community Associations Institute (CAI) just published Termite Terry’s Article titled “Seven Spooky Spider Myths Busted.” CAI is an organization that provides education for property managers, association board members, and condo owners. (click the cover to download your copy)

Five “Spooky” Spider Myths Squashed

Haunted houses are a lot of fun to go into during Halloween and I love the way so many of them are decorated with spiders and cobwebs.   I remember one time when I went into one of these haunted houses, […]

A Fun Look At “Giant Bugs”

We’ve all seen bugs of different sizes. Some are larger at one or two inches long, and others are so small that you can’t see them without a magnifying glass. Now, it’s time to have some fun and talk about […]

Creepy New Spider Is Taking Over Orange County

A creepy new spider, called the Brown Widow, has moved in and is spooking out a lot of people in Orange County. Until about ten years ago, most people living here hadn’t even heard of a brown widow spider. Now, […]

How To Control Spiders

If you afraid of spiders, you’re certainly not alone. In Western societies, 55% of females and 18% of males are estimated to experience arachnophobia. Besides being scary, spiders are also very messy and their webs can make even the nicest […]

Spiders Falling From The Sky Like Rain In Australia

    Residents of Albury in New South Wales, Australia were alarmed last month when millions of tiny spiders fell from the sky like rain. The aftermath of this “spider rain” was an eerie sight: all of their land and buildings […]