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Spiders Falling From The Sky Like Rain In Australia

    Residents of Albury in New South Wales, Australia were alarmed last month when millions of tiny spiders fell from the sky like rain. The aftermath of this “spider rain” was an eerie sight: all of their land and buildings were coated with silky webs and countless spiders were crawling everywhere you could see.

    “Ballooning is a not-uncommon behavior of many spiders. They climb some high area and stick their butts up in the air and release silk. Then they just take off,” said retired Arachnologist at University of California, Riverside. “This is going on all around us all the time. We just don’t notice it.” Spiders_elitedaily-600x300

    Most people have never seen “spider rain” because it isn’t that common for millions of spiders to do this at the same time, and then land in the same place.

    “In these kinds of events (spider rains), what’s thought to be going on is that there’s a whole cohort of spiders that’s ready to do this ballooning dispersal behavior, but for whatever reason, the weather conditions haven’t been optimal and allowed them to do that. But then the weather changes, and they have the proper conditions to balloon, and they all start to do it,” said Todd Blackledge, a biology professor at the University of Akron in Ohio.

    Doesn’t this story have the makings of a blockbuster horror movie? I’d love to see our Hollywood stars with their spray guns, trying to save a city from millions of spiders. It would put the old movie, “Arachnophobia”, to shame!